Dua for Good Health for Someone with Ways to Improve Health

When a person suffers a little in this life, feels pain or gets sick, he bows down before his God and prays in his own words duas for health. Allah, the Healer, accepts prayers and gives healing. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “That whenever I am sick, God heals me.”

How good it would be if such prayers were offered on such an occasion, which were offered by our esteemed prophets and were accepted in the court of Allah. These prayers should be repeated on such occasions. They are blessed and popular prayers that were once performed by the chosen servants of Allah.

We have compiled these prayers for you here so that you can read them in times of pain and sickness. May Allah Almighty help every one of us fulfil the rights of Allah and the rights of worshipers with good health.

Dua for Good Health for Someone

Best Duas for Health

Duas for Health

“(O my Lord!) My condition is that I am afflicted with affliction, and O God! You are the Most Merciful of the merciful.”

Hazrat Ayesha says that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to pray: “O Allah! Keep my body healthy and protect my hearing and vision.”

Dua for Good Health

Hazrat Abu Saeed Al-Khudri narrates the prayer that Jibreel came to Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and asked: You are sick. Holy Prophet Muhammad said, “Yes. “Then Jibreel (as) breathed dua for good health on the Holy Prophet in these words:

“In the name of Allah I breathe on you and Allah will heal you from every incurable disease. And Allah will save you from the evil of every soul and envious eye. Allah will heal you. I breathe on you in the name of Allah.”

Health Dua in English

Hazrat Ibn Abbas narrates health dua that the Holy Prophet used to teach him these prayers for various ailments like fever and fever:

“In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of every vein, which is great, and we seek refuge in Him from the evil of the heat of fire.”

Dua for Good Health for Someone

Hazrat Ayesha says that if any member of the Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) family fell ill, he would recite this supplication to him. Dua for good health for someone

Dua for good health for someone

“Take away the disease, O Lord of the people! Give healing that you are the healer. There is no healer except you. Healing (giving) that does not leave any disease.”

Most Powerful Dua for Health

Hazrat Othman bin Abi Al-Aas complained about the most potent dua for health to the Holy Prophet about the pains in his body. So, the Holy Prophet taught me to recite Bismillah three times. That I pray:

“I seek refuge in Allah Almighty, His honor and His power from every evil that I find and which I fear.”

Pray for The Return of Sight, Dua

Hazrat Othman bin Hunaif says a blind man came to Hazrat Muhammad’s (PBUH) service and asked him to pray for me to regain his sight.

He said, “If you say so, I will pray, and if you wish, be patient, and I think it is better for you.” When the blind man insisted on praying, he instructed him to perform ablution properly and pray:

Pray for the return of sight Dua for Health

“O Allah! I ask you and turn to you through the intercession of your Holy Prophet, the Messenger of Mercy.(And O Muhammad) I beseech my Lord through you to grant me this need. O Allah, accept this intercession and intercession of your Beloved for me.”

Ways to Improve Health

Sometimes, we cannot avoid it. According to many health agencies, hand washing is the best way to prevent the spreading of diseases and illnesses. For example:

  • After using the toilet
  • After changing the baby’s Pampers or having them urinate
  • Before and after applying ointment to a wound
  • Before and after seeing a sick man
  • Before cutting, cooking, and serving vegetables or meat,
  • After sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose
  • After touching an animal or its waste
  • After throwing garbage

Ensure you always use clean water for drinking, brushing your teeth, freezing ice, washing vegetables, cooking and washing dishes. Good health requires eating a balanced and nutritious diet and not using too much salt, fat and sugar.

D, don’t overeat at the same time. Be sure to include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Regardless of age, exercising regularly to stay healthy is essential.

Many people today do not exercise as much as they need to. Exercise is important. If you get a stomach ache due to carelessness in eating and are not getting relief despite the medicine, 


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