Dua Before Eating with Dua for after Eating

Dua before eating and Dua after eating are essential Prayers. The purpose of human life is to have the privilege of seeing Allah in Paradise, but it requires knowledge and action. Acquiring and practising knowledge is not possible without physical strength and security.

A person needs to consume enough food when he is hungry for his health. That is why an elder says that food is also a part of religion.


The eater should eat according to etiquette, and the act of eating should not exceed the limits of Shari’ah. We believe that using food with etiquette will not only be rewarding but will also help avoid sins. We are writing this article for this purpose.

So that we can all learn Islamic teachings and etiquette about food, food supplications are also included in this article so that supplications before and after meals are also included.

It’s easy to remember these Duas. If you want to read the prayers just about food, Then Read easily:

Dua Before Eating

Before Eating Dua

  • Both hands should be washed before eating so both hands are clean.
  • When a person is invited to a meal by someone who does not know about the food, he can ask the host about the nature of the food, especially when he is not satisfied with the food offered. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) did not eat until he was told the name of the food.
  • When food is offered by the host, start eating quickly. The honour of the guest lies in the fact that food is served to him quickly, and a sign of the host’s generosity is that he eats quickly. Accept, because if a guest did not eat with them, they would think badly of him, so they must satisfy the host’s heart by starting the meal quickly.
  • It is obligatory to recite Bismillah before eating.
  • This is when there is no excuse, so if there is an excuse that makes it impossible to eat with the right hand, such as illness, wound, etc.,
  • Food should be taken from the front desk, and he should one should not raise one’s hand in front of others or from between the food.
  • It is a bad habit to eat in front of the people sitting next to you while eating. And it is against Marwwat, and if there is Salan, etc.
  • The person sitting next to him will feel more disgusted, but if the food items are dates and similar items, then according to the scholars, various food items can be taken by hand from the plate, etc.
  • It is Sunnah to wash hands with Water only after eating, so it is better to wash with soap.

Praying Dua in Between Meals

If you forget to recite the dua in the beginning and remember it during the meal, you should recite it immediately.

Praying Dua in Between Meals

It is crucial to eat well to stay healthy and fit. You will feel refreshed and energetic if you eat healthy and incorporate healthy habits into your life. First, I prefer whole foods (foods that have not been chemically or artificially prepared) to processed foods.

Unlike processed foods, try to eat foods that contain essential ingredients such as protein, fibre, starch and healthy fats. Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of packaged and processed foods.

Instead of sugary drinks and junk, Water will improve your health, skin, and mental health. Salads are your best friend when you think of healthy eating. If you want the best food, try to include vegetables and salads in your diet. They contain all the healthy and nutritious ingredients your body needs.

Dua for After Eating

Dua for after Eating

  • Rinsing after meals is recommended.
  • Pray for the host after the meal.
  • Do not spit unnecessarily while eating.
  • Eat together.
  • Have a good conversation while eating.
  • Feed young children and wives with your own hands.
  • Don’t make any food special for yourself, but if there is an excuse, such as medicine, it can be done.
  • It is important not to say anything about food: “Salt is high,” “Sour,” or “Salt is low.”
  • Eating moderately and not filling your stomach is also entirely part of your eating habits.
  • Do not use gold or silver utensils for eating and drinking because they are haraam.

Healthy eating does not mean starving yourself or eating less. It simply means choosing healthy options. They are rich in nutrients and healthy carbohydrates. Which also fills your stomach and is suitable for your health. In case of stomach pain, Dua for stomach pain and get relief.

Try to plan and organize your meals and keep them as healthy as possible. But never stop eating. Be sure to have lunch or dinner, as skipping them is never good for your health and body.


Follow all these things and include all these things in your daily life. Do not put yourself behind when it comes to food because food is a positive process that gives energy to your body.

Sometimes, indulging in some taste and custom food is okay, but maintain a balanced diet and always enjoy energetic meals.

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