Allahumma Afini Fi Badani Dua For Good Health

“Allahumma Afini Fi Badani” This dua gives you good health, so let’s read it with its whole meaning. Allah Almighty has blessed man with innumerable blessings; every one of us walks by Allah’s blessings. Allah Almighty has blessed us with the blessings of seeing and hearing, while many people are deprived of this great blessing.

Yes, if you want to estimate the value of these blessings, ask those who are deprived of them. Allah has given us the blessings of health, intellect, and wealth.

There is also a recitation of a dua from the Holy Prophet for the protection of health. We are narrating this Dua to you so that you too may memorize it and make it a habit to recite Dua it regularly.

Allahumma Afini Fi Badani Dua 

You should recite this dua thrice in the morning after Fajr and in the evening after Isha’s prayer. Surely you will be able to get good health.

Allahumma Afini Fi Badani Dua

“Allah humma ‘Afini Fi Badani, Allah humma ‘Afini Fi Sam’e, Allah humma ‘Afini Fi Basari La ilaha illa anta”

Health after faith is a great blessing of God. It is not befitting for a Muslim to disregard this blessing. Traditions show that health is the trust of Allah. Therefore, protecting this trust becomes a religious duty for every Muslim in addition to its benefit. In a sense, carelessness about health is tantamount to betrayal of trust.

There are thousands of philosophers, physicians, and philosophers on health care. But Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) left us the principles for us. By following them, we can maintain good health and avoid many diseases. The importance of Cleanliness is evident from the Hadith: “Cleanliness is half faith.

Dua for Good Health

Adopt the most important teachings of Islam, moderation and moderation, to enjoy a healthy life. This includes physical exertion, mental effort, marital relationships, eating, drinking, sleeping, and resting.

Whether you are anxious or having fun laughing, be moderate in everything for the sake of worship, speed, and speech.

allahumma afini fi badani

Why we should pray for our health, let us tell you about praying to Allah:

Prayer is like Worship

  • Hazrat Nu’man bin Bashir narrated that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Prayer is like worship.” In another place, it said, “Prayer is the essence of all worship.”
  • The reason for this is that in dua, one has to pay attention to Allah Almighty; the servant turns to Him, and with his heart and mind and heart and soul, he becomes attracted to Him and becomes his beggar. Being a beggar is the beauty of actual devotion. The servant asks Allah only when he considers himself helpless and helpless and considers Allah as his master and giver.
  • In fact, through prayer, the servant’s relationship with his God is being established. The servant turns to him and asks, I am helpless; there is nothing in my power; everything is in your hands, then give me, then help me, then guide me, then provide me with faith, good deeds. Give success, forgiveness, sustenance and the blessings of this world and the hereafter. When a servant asks Allah Almighty for all this, it is as if in this state, the servant is establishing a relationship with his Allah and establishing this relationship is worship.
  • It was learned that dua is worship itself, and the act of dua is so pleasing to Allah, the Lord of Glory, that there is nothing more honourable in the sight of Allah. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)said: There is nothing more honourable in the sight of Allah than supplication.
  • If the prayer is performed according to the etiquette mentioned above and requirements, then it is indeed accepted in the sight of Allah. Therefore, supplication to Allah, the Exalted, should be made routine with abundance.

Prayer is The Source of Forgiveness

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: Allah says: Until you keep praying to me, asking for forgiveness, and hoping for acceptance, whatever sins and slips are committed against you, I will continue to forgive you because of your hope and action of prayer.

If there is a sin or error, it is not for the servant to be disappointed. Because he says that there is no limit to my mercy, If you despair, it is as if you are disrespecting His majesty, His divinity, and His forgiveness. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said:” The door of prayer has been opened for the one of you, so the door of mercy has been opened for him.”

That is a person who has been given the ability to pray and keep on praying to Allah Almighty so that he never stops praying to Allah Almighty and does not bring despair near. The message of mercy from Allah Almighty is for him. The doors are opened.

The Effect of The Prayer of Prosperity

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Whoever wants Allah to accept his prayers in times of difficulties and hardships, The supplicant should pray to Allah even in those days when good days come in his life.  He always prays in bad situations.

When he is in trouble or gets sick, he wants his prayer answered immediately. So, in times of prosperity, when there is no sickness, problem, difficulty, test, or trouble, the servant is happy and prosperous; then, in those times, he should pray more to Allah Almighty.

Whoever keeps on begging Allah Almighty in times of prosperity and perseveres in the process of supplication, then Allah Almighty will avert his troubles even in times of difficulties with the charity of these supplications and accept the supplications in times of problems.

Prayers in times of prosperity increase the effectiveness and acceptance of prayers in times of difficulty and give them strength and power.

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