Best Dua for tooth pain relief with Home remedies

Are you looking for Best Dua for tooth pain relief” People from young to old age suffer from dental problems. It is a pain that is felt only by the person who is suffering from it. When the mouth suddenly hurts, it becomes difficult for a person to eat food.

If the pain in the teeth is less, then using some tips at home and reciting dua for relief from tooth pain will bring relief. But in case of severe pain, it becomes necessary to go to a dental specialist for treatment.

In this article let us guide you completely on toothache relief, first mention toothache relief dua and then other remedies.

Dua for tooth pain relief

First recite Bismillah, then recite Durood Sharif three times then Recite this dua seven times by placing the index finger on the part of the tooth where there is pain at the end, read Durood Sharif three times. You can easily recite any of the following duas:

Dua for tooth pain relief

Dua for tooth pain relief

Dua for tooth pain relief

Dua for tooth pain relief

Precautions to prevent toothache

  • Be sure to brush or Miswak in the morning and at night to remove germs from the teeth.
  • Include healthy foods that contain vitamins in your diet
  • Give up intoxicants, smoking, paan and gutka etc
  • Brush your teeth immediately after eating highly acidic foods
  • If the last tooth is coming out, consult a doctor immediately
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Home remedies to get rid of toothache fast

You can have a toothache at any time; it is more painful when the toothache starts at night. If you live in villages or far away from the city, it becomes difficult to find a doctor in this situation then only home remedies work.

So let us share with you some home remedies through which you will be able to get relief from toothache:

Clove or clove oil

Home remedies to get rid of toothache fast

Cloves are a natural remedy for toothache. Place two to three cloves on the affected area of ​​your tooth and keep it there until the pain subsides. Apart from this, clove oil also relieves toothache. Be it East or West, modern medicine or ancient medicine, everywhere and in every age, clove oil is touted as an elixir for toothache.

Tea bag

Home remedies to get rid of toothache fast

Place a warm tea bag in your mouth during toothache, but not so hot that it burns your tongue.

A piece of ice

Home remedies to get rid of toothache fast

Take an ice cube, put it in a small cloth and rub it lightly, then gently place it on the painful area.

Warm cloth

Warm a cloth slightly and place it on the cheek where there is toothache.

Black Chili

Home remedies to get rid of toothache fast

In case of toothache, keep black pepper in the mouth, in addition to this, put salt and black pepper in the mouth of the piece, it will also be beneficial.


Home remedies to get rid of toothache fast

Apply garlic juice to the area around the toothache, and try to include garlic in your meals.

Salty Water

Take a glass of water and warm it slightly and add salt and rinse it.


We pray to Allah to save us from this pain. If you get more severe pain, you should immediately get checked by a doctor so that it can be treated in time.

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