Dua For Stomach Pain and Gas, Periods, Pregnancy In English

Do you need a prayer Dua for stomach pain that will help you get rid of stomach ache? Because it has been found that abdominal pain has become a very common health problem, which is often found in young people nowadays! There are several causes of abdominal pain.

We will mention here some prayer for pains for you to get rid of abdominal pain and also describe some of the treatments. Of course, this information will benefit you.

Dua For Stomach Pain

Dua for stomach pain

Read this verse five or seven times and Then see Here’s how it works Dua for pain in stomach. Before this verse you should recite Durood Ibrahim or any simple Durood three times.

And then recite the verse seven or five times and then after reciting Durood breathe on your stomach. If Allah wills, you will soon feel comfortable.

Dua For Stomach Ache

Are you looking for that which dua is for pain relief? We are telling you another prayer Dua for pain relief which after reading it, many people’s stomach aches got cured immediately.

First recite Durood Ibrahimi then recite Surah Lahab seven times in between and then recite Durood later Duas for pain . Then blow or pray. God willing, This Surah will surely help you to get relief from pain.

Dua for Stomach Pain in Periods

Recite the following dua frequently to get relief from abdominal pain during menstruation. You will get relief from all kinds of pain. You can also read the words ” Ya salamu“.

Dua for Stomach Pain in Periods

Dua for Stomach Pain During Pregnancy

For relief from abdominal pain during pregnancy and for safe delivery of the child, read the following verses and blow on some food and feed the patient.

Dua for Stomach Pain During Pregnancy

What immediately helps Stomach Pain?

If you are having a severe stomach ache then take one of the medicines given below quickly and you will get relief from the stomach ache immediately:

  • Mylanta, Gas-X
  • Pepcid AC
  • Acetaminophen
  • Aspirin Free Anacin
  • Liquiprin
  • Panadol
  • Tylenol

Stomach Pain after Drinking Water

When a person gets stomach ache after drinking water, he should take some precautions himself. Because water does not cause stomach ache unless there is an internal infection, We are telling you some precautions by following which you will get relief from stomach pain:

  • Check the water before drinking it for any contamination.
  • Avoid drinking too cold water.
  • Drink water slowly and take small sips.
  • Drink enough water so that you don’t have trouble breathing later.

Natural Remedies for Stomach Pain and Gas

Everyone suffers from stomach ache at some point in their lives. Which is actually caused by an infection caused by indigestion, diarrhea, and flatulence?

Most of these stomach aches can be caused by eating dirty food, stress or stomach injury. However, sometimes the cause of abdominal pain can be more serious, including inflammation of the appendix, obstruction of the intestines or cancer.

By the way, there are many ways that can be used to get rid of this disease. But we are mentioning three because of the shortness of the article.

Apple cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar Natural Remedies for Stomach Pain and Gas

This compound dramatically reduces our stomach pain with acetic acid. But its misuse can lead to tooth decay, so its acidity is reduced by adding honey.

In short, there are many causes of abdominal pain, of which food poisoning and infection are the most important. Household items such as lemons, ginger, bananas and mineral water can be very helpful in reducing this.

In most cases, abdominal pain is not caused by a serious problem, but if the abdominal pain persists for a long time, a doctor must be consulted.

Mint Tea

Mint Tea Natural Remedies for Stomach Pain and Gas

All vegetables are rich in natural properties, but mint tea also contains natural ingredients that people use for stomach ailments, headaches, nausea or any other type of body aches.

However, if you drink a glass of mint tea or its leaves in stomach ache, you will get relief from stomach ache and also physical comfort.


Yogurt Natural Remedies for Stomach Pain and Gas

One of the causes of abdominal pain is poor digestion. Eating dairy products in particular causes stomach ache.

However, if a cup of yogurt is used in stomach ache, it is also beneficial for health as the bacteria in yogurt increases the body’s ability to fight germs and improves digestion.


If you take care of your health and follow the above precautions, you will suffer from stomach pain to a lesser extent.
You must also keep the stomach pain medicine at home so that it can be used immediately when needed, if you are not getting relief from the stomach pain, surely praying will get you relief from the pain.

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