What is Taraweeh prayer in Ramadan & what is the method of praying it?

The month of Ramadan is very important for Muslims, during its days they fast and pray more at night and one of the ways of worship is Taraweeh prayer.

What is Taraweeh Prayer?

Taraweeh is the plural of the Arabic word “Tarweeha” which means: “to rest once” From this perspective Taraweeh would mean: “to rest several times”

The number of Taraweeh prayers is twenty. Therefore, after reading every four rak’ats, the next four rak’ats are read again after staying for some time and resting. Similarly, 20 rak’ats are completed. Prophet Muhammad’s companions used to do this, that’s why this prayer has been named Taraweeh.

When is Taraweeh prayer

If we talk about its Shari’ah order, performing the Taraweeh prayer during the nights of Ramadan is a Sunnah Muqadah for both men and women, and it is not permissible to abandon this prayer without a reason.

The great virtue of praying this prayer in the nights of Ramadan has been described by the Holy Prophet:

“Whoever stays in Ramadan with the intention of attaining reward with the state of faith i.e. Performs the Taraweeh prayer, his previous sins are forgiven.”

What time is Taraweeh Prayer?

The time of Taraweeh prayer begins by reciting the four fard of Isha prayer, two Sunnahs and two Nawafil, after Taraweeh prayer, Witr is recited.

There is great merit in offering the Taraweeh prayer in the late hours of the night, but for the comfort of the people, it is offered at the same time as the Isha prayer in the mosques so that more people can join it.

How many rakats are in Taraweeh?

There is a consensus of the entire Muslim Ummah about the rak’ahs of Taraweeh prayer and this is also proved by arguments that there are only 20 rak’ahs of Taraweeh prayer.

People of one school of thought offer 8 Taraweeh prayers for which there is no evidence.

How to pray Taraweeh

Let us tell you in a simple way how to perform the Taraweeh prayer:

  • First read the four fard of the Isha prayer
  • After that, praying two Sunnahs of Isha prayer and two Nafl
  • After that, start Taraweeh prayer and pray two rak’ahs and then pray two rak’ahs separately so that four rak’ahs of Taraweeh prayer are completed.
  • After four rak’ahs, now recite Taraweeh Dua) We have written the dua of Taraweeh prayer below, you must see it(
  • In the same way, after praying every four rak’ats, recite Taraweeh dua again, so this dua will be recited after 8 rakats, 12 rakats, and 16 rakats, thus 20 rakats will be completed.
  • After that recite Witr and finally recite two Nafl
  • Lets See : How to pray witr Prayer Hanafi

Taraweeh prayer dua

While performing the twenty rak’ats of Taraweeh prayer, after every four rak’ats, one sits down for a while to rest. At that time one can recite any dua or Tasbih; one can recite Nafl or recite the Qur’an, generally. At this time, a dua is recited which is recited by all people together, that is the dua of Taraweeh as follows:

Taraweeh prayer dua& How to perform Taraweeh prayer

How to perform Taraweeh prayer at home

Although the Taraweeh prayer can be performed at home, its main purpose is not only to perform twenty rakats, but also to read and listen to the recitation of the Holy Quran, so not everyone is a Hafiz of the Holy Quran. That he should perform the Taraweeh prayer at home, that is why congregational Taraweeh prayers are organized in mosques so that all people can benefit from it.

It was first organized by Hazrat Umar during his caliphate, which is practiced in the entire Muslim Ummah till today.


We hope you have got complete information about Taraweeh prayer, if you have any other question then you can contact us and ask about it in detail.

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