Surah Ikhlas Meaning in English with Transliteration and Translation

Surah Ikhlas is one of the shortest and most important Surahs of the Holy Quran. It covers one third of Quranic topics. It is also called Surah Tawheed, it is narrated in Musnad Ahmad that the polytheists asked the Holy Prophet to describe the attributes of their Lord. This Surah was revealed to him. And love of this suratul iklas is the cause of going to Paradise.

The Holy Prophet sent an army somewhere. When they returned, they said to you. The one you made the leader. He used to recite Surah Ikhlas at the end of every prayer.

Prophet said, “Ask them why they used to do that.” When asked, he said, “This is an attribute of Surah Allah. I love reading it.” Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: Let them know that Allaah loves them too.

Belief in Tawheed in the light of Surah Ikhlas

Tawheed is one of the main themes of the Qur’an. Although there are arguments in various verses of the Qur’an to prove this. But the comprehensive concept of Tawheed given by Allah in Surah Al-Ikhlas is not found anywhere else. Surah Ikhlas begins with the word “Qul” which means: “(O Holy Prophet!) You say.” It is Allah who is One.

Allah Almighty said: My dear! We want your language to be used to explain the subject of Tawheed. Whatever comes out of it, should point to my existence. The subject of my being one is so high that the right to pay for it can only be paid through your language.

Because, O Beloved! I want to give faith to your ummah, but their faith in me will be fulfilled only when they hear from you and believe me to be true.

Surah Ikhlas Transliteration

Surah ikhlas transliteration

Surah Ikhlas Explanation

  • Hazrat Abu Saeed Al-Khudri narrates that a man said to Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)That one of my neighbors recites only Surah Al-Ikhlas in the night, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)said:  Surah Al-Ikhlas equal to Surah Three thirds of Holy Quraan.
  • Hazrat Aisha narrates that when Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) used to go to bed every night, You repeat this Surat ekhlas, Surat Falaq and Nas.
  • Hazrat uqaba bin Aamer said: I met the Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) .He said: Can i tell you Surahs which have not been revealed in the Torah, nor in the Gospel, nor in the Psalms, nor in the furqan like them? By reading them every night. Those Surahs .. Uqaba ibn Aamir said: After that I used to recite surah iqlas them every night and the truth was that I should not leave any night because Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) had commanded it.
  • Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: Whoever recites Surah Ikhlas ten times, Allah Almighty will make a home for him in Paradise.

Surah Ikhlas Translation in English

Surah ikhlas in English

A man came to the service of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and said: Ya Rasool Allaah! What do you say about the fact that if I testify that Allah is one and you are Rasool of Allah, I should offer five prayers, fast the month of Ramadan and stay in this month (Ramadan) Should I pay Zakat?

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: Whoever dies in this state (on the Day of Resurrection) will be counted among the righteous and the martyrs.

Sayings about Tawheed

Imam Junaid al-Baghdadi says: Tawheed is that you know this and confess that Allah is One.

Hazrat Abu Ali Ahmad bin Muhammad Al-Ruzbari was asked about Tawheed and he said: The meaning of Tawheed in one sentence is that Allah Almighty is beyond comprehension and imagery.

Abu al-Qasim al-Tamimi said: Tawheed means: to make Allah (pure) from everything which can be imagined and which can be imagined. And the oneness of God also means that His essence is free from division. And in His essence and attributes there is no likeness and no partner.

Tawheed is the foundation of Islam. Without it, no human being can enter the realm of Islam. Tawheed is the only thing for which Allah Almighty has exalted His Messengers. Tawheed is the basic duty that differentiates between a Muslim and a Kefir.

The importance of the doctrine of Tawheed can also be gauged from the fact that all the heavenly religions are based on this doctrine of Tawheed. The doctrine of Tawheed is the first source of acceptance of all good deeds and good morals of man.

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