Dua e Qunoot In English Translation and Transliteration

Dua e Qunoot in English is a very important subject. As every Muslim knows that when we offer Isha prayers, we offer this prayer in Witr prayers. It has also been narrated from the Companions of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) to recite the Qunoot dua in the Witr prayers.

The recitation of this dua is also important because it was recited by the Holy Prophet himself. As it has been narrated: the Holy Prophet used to recite Qunoot and all the Companions. They used to do the same.

If you want to recite this but you do not know Arabic then you are in the right place at the moment, because in this article we are writing Dua Qunoot for your convenience, and also its translation. Will be present you can easily read it and save the photos to yourself.

Dua Qunoot In Arabic with Transliteration

English Translation Dua Qunoot

You can save this photo to yourself. We believe this will be beneficial for you witr Dua transliteration

Dua Qunoot  in English Translation

Dua e Qunoot In English

Ya Allah! Want to come to your aid and forgiveness, Our trust and confidence is in you. We appreciate you very much., we thank you and we are not ungrateful to you, and whoever disobeys you Separate completely. Ya Allah! We worship you, and we pray for You, we prostrate to You.

We seek refuge in Thee, and we fear Thy torment. Surely your chastisement shall befall the unbelievers. You should understand this carefully and then memorize the Dua easily. And perform it calmly in your Witr prayers.

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Qunoot Dua Hadith

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) came to a young. He said: How do you find yourself? He said: By Allah, there is hope for Allah (mercy) and also fear of sins. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: When these two things come together in the heart of a believer, Whoever hopes to meet, Allah will grant him, and whoever fears the punishment, Allah will save him from it.

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) saying: Allah Almighty said: If your condition is that a sin equal to the whole earth, then you will find me in a state where you have not associated anything with me, then surely I will give you forgiveness equal to the whole earth.

Cry for Fear of Allah

  • The fire will not touch the two eyes: The eye that kept crying out of fear and the eye that guarded for the sake of Allah.
  • Allah Almighty will say: Get out of Hell every person who remembers me one day or frightens me from my fear anywhere.
  • Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar says that Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) grabbed my shoulder and then said: Be like a stranger or a traveler in the world. Hazrat Ibn Umar used to say that Don’t wait any time whether it is morning or night, also prepare for illness in health and death in life.
  •  A person will always be preoccupied with the world and will not care about religion. Allah will disturb all his deeds and his poverty will always be in front of him and the world will get as much as it is written in his destiny and whoever has the intention towards the hereafter then Allah is for his consolation. He will rectify all his deeds, and will place in his heart the carelessness of the world, and the world will come to him automatically.

Remembering Death & The Hereafter

  • Hazrat Abu Musa (RA) narrates from the Holy Prophet (SAW) that he said: Allah is given to him who desires to meet, Allah does not get to him who does not desire Allah
  • when the Holy Muhammad (PBUH) passed by the graveyard of Madinah, You stopped somewhere. and said: O people of graves! Peace be upon you. May Allah forgiveness us and you. You have come before us and we will follow you.
  • when a man came to prophet and greeted us. Then he said: Which believer is better? He said: Which of you is better in morals. Then it was asked which believer is wise? Hazrat Muhammad (PUH) said: The wisest of them is the one who remembers death the most and prepares well for the next.
  • Hazrat Abdullah bin Masoud said: I am angry with a person whom I see as completely free, who is engaged in the work of this world and Hereafter.
  • Hazrat Ebn Masood  said: Standing between Paradise and Hell, if I am given the option to choose either of these things or to become dust, then I would like to become dust.

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