Qasar Namaz Rakat Chart when Travelling

Are you looking for a Qasar Namaz Rakat chart”? Do you know which prayer it is? Indeed, every Muslim will know about it. It is one of the basic teachings of Islam Deen. Muslims offer five daily prayers as an act of worship. If you have to go in order to facilitate this, the performance of this prayer is reduced.

For example, if one prays four rak’ats daily in the daily Zuhr, Asr, and Isha prayers, one must perform two instead of four in the journey. This is called Qasr Namaz. In the Qur’an, Allah says:

“And when you travel in the land, there is no blame on you for shortening the prayer (read two instead of the obligatory four rak’ahs).”

What Is Qasar Namaz

Here, it may come to one’s mind that the journey is not so difficult nowadays, and one is not often afraid of being harmed by the disbelievers. Then why is the prayer shortened to qasar namaz rakat? The answer is in the following hadith:

Hazrat YaAla ibn Umayyah said: I asked Hazrat Umar what Allah Almighty says in the Quran about Qasar Namaz:  then Hazrat Umar (RA) said: I wondered the Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), and the Prophet said: Allah Almighty has given charity (reduction of prayers in travel) so accept the charity of Allah Almighty.

Distance Quantity

According to the jurists, the journey in which it is obligatory to shorten the prayers is three days in moderate gait. In the present era, jurists have estimated its distance to be 48 miles, which is about 78 kilometers in terms of kilometers; now, it is 48 miles or about 78 kilometers.

If a person travels on a motorcycle, car, plane, etc., quickly, then the same rule applies to him: he is a passenger. The Hanafi jurists argue in determining the amount of Shariah travel from the following ahaadeeth:

Hazrat Shurah bin Hani narrates that I came to the Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqah (RA) service and asked about the period of wiping on socks. She said: Go to Hazrat Ali and ask about this issue. Find out because he often stayed with Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

Hazrat Ali (RA) said that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) has fixed the period for this person as three days and three nights, which will be on the journey, and one day and one night where he stays.

When Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar went to Mecca and intended to stay for fifteen days, he would open his back and offer the whole prayer.

Therefore, according to the Hanafis, Qasr prayers will end to stay at a place for fifteen days after the Shariah journey. But shortening the prayers on the way back and forth will be obligatory to wait for fifteen days. Short prayers will also be obligatory for less than fifteen days during the stay.

How to perform Qasar Namaz Rakat

Permission to shorten is only for Farz Namaz. Other prayers are not shortened, but there are two ways to perform them. The rest of the prayers will not be offered in a state of fear and tolerance, but they will be provided in a state of complete peace.

How many rakats do you pray when traveling?

The method of shortening the prayers is travel namaz, narrated from Hazrat ibn Umar (who performed the prayers with Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)).

I recited four rak’ahs with you in Zuhr, then two Rakat of Sunnat. During the journey, he recited two rak’ahs of Zuhr with the Holy Prophet (saws) and then performed two rakats of Sunnat. And (during the trip) performed ASR prayer for two rak’ahs, after which he did not recite anything.

He used to perform three maghrib rakat of Maghrib prayers in Safar and Hazr, and he used to perform Maghrib duties in Safar and Hazr not less than three, and these are the water of the day, and after that, he used to perform two rak’ahs. He was not shortened in Witr and Sunnah. This is how we will perform the obligatory prayers qasar namaz rakat during the journey.

Qasar Namaz Rakat Chart

Qasar Namaz Rakat Chart
Qasar Namaz Rakat Chart
  • Fajr namaz rakat/ 2 rak’ahs
  • Zuhr namaz rakat / 2 rak’ahs
  • Asr namaz rakat / 2 rak’ahs
  • Maghrib namaz rakat /3 rak’ahs
  • Isha namaz rakat / 2 isha rakat

Rulings on Qasar Namaz Rakat

  • If a person leaves the city limits with the intention of traveling 78 kilometers, according to Shari’ah, it will be shortened for him. If he returns, he will have to offer full prayers of namaz Rakat as soon as he enters the city limits.
  • If a person intends to stay in another city for less than fifteen days, he will offer short prayers. If it is designed for fifteen days or more, then full prayers of namaz Rakat will have to be provided instead of short prayers.
  • If a person intends to stay for less than fifteen days and lasts fifteen days, he will be a traveler, and shortening will be obligatory.
  • If you do not intend to stay at all, you can wait for several months without any intention. So he will shorten it; for example, he wants to leave in the evening or the morning, but as the days go by, he will be a traveler.
  • If he intends to stay for more than fifteen days but the place is not to be stayed, for example, in a river or forest, then Qasr is still obligatory.

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