Imam Malik Biography In English

Are you looking Imam Malik Biography” His name was Malik bin Anas and his kuniyat was Abu Abdullah. His great-grandfather was Abu Amir Sahabi. Imam Malik’s jurisprudence is called Maliki religion.

He became famous with the title of Imam of Medina, Imam of Ahl-e-Hijaz and Imam Dar ul-Hijra. He was born in Medina in 93 AH. He is considered among the mujtahids, jurists and great muhaddiths.

Imam Malik Teachers

He acquired the knowledge of hadith and jurisprudence first from Rabi’a Rai, then from Ibn Hormuz. Among his teachers are Imam Ibn Shahab Zuhri and seventy other teachers.

In addition, he acquired the knowledge of hadith from Imam Jafar Sadiq, Muhammad bin Mankader, Muhammad bin Yahya Ansari and Yahya bin Saeed Ansari.


Imam Malik assumed the position of teaching in Madinah at the age of seventeen. He used to teach Hadith with great politeness and respect. They used to bathe, wear clean clothes, apply perfume and then visit the teaching desk.

Imam Malik was the Imam of Hadith and Fiqh at the same time. There is a beautiful combination of hadith and jurisprudence in your way of thinking. Great people came out of this circle of teaching.

Imam Malik Students

  • Waqi’ bin al-Jarrah
  • Abd al-Rahman bin Mahdi
  • Fazl bin Daqin
  • Laith bin Sa’d
  • Abd al-Razzaq bin Hammam
  • Moin bin Isa
  • Imam Shafi’i
  • Imam Muhammad Abu Yusuf
  • Imam Ibn Qasim Maliki
  • Asad bin Firat
  • Dhul-Nun Mesri
  • Abu al-Tahiya
  • Waqadi
  • Muqatil bin Sulaiman

Imam Malik Books

Imam Malik did a lot of work in the field of hadith and compiled Muta Imam Malik – this book of yours has the status of the first book of hadith – one of the distinctions of this book is that all its hadiths are correct.

This book was widely accepted and numerous Sharhs were written, among which the Sharhs of Abu Sulaiman Khatati, Ibn Abdul Bar, Qazi Ayyad, Qazi Abu Bakr bin Al-Arabi, Imam Suyuti and Shah Wali Allah are more famous.

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Imam Malik Biography & character

Imam Malik was a man of character – ready to face all kinds of difficulties for the right – was not a supporter of Banu Abbas in political matters but supported the Ahl al-Bayt against them – so he was flogged by the ruler of Madinah Jafar. And your shoulders were lifted, but you refused to accept forced allegiance.

Imam Nasa’i says about your position and rank: “In my opinion, there is no person greater than Imam Malik in the congregation of the followers of Taba Tababeen, and no other person was more reliable and reliable in hadith than him.”

  • The greatest muhaddith, scholar, and jurist of Madinah were
  • He never went out of Madinah, his school of teaching in Madinah was the largest university of Prophetic sciences.
  • Even the Caliph used to participate in the teaching like an ordinary person


Imam Malik died in Madinah Tayyaba in the year 179 AH. Your imitators are called Maliki. Today, Egypt, Sudan, Andalusia, Qatar, Bahrain, Tripoli, and Tunisia have a majority of this religion.

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