How to do wudhu step by step

Wudhu is the name of an act of cleansing that is obligatory on Muslims before praying or touching the Qur’an. In it, hands and faces are washed and wiped with water. The primary purpose of wudu is physical and spiritual purity. A verse in the Qur’an called Verse Wudu Steps sheds light on the method of wudu and how to perform it.

“O believers! When (you intend) to stand for Prayer, then, (for ablution) wash your faces and hands up to the elbows, and pass your wet hands over your heads and (also wash) your feet up to the ankles.”

How to do wudu that Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) said: “Without Wudu, the prayers of any of you will not be accepted unless he performs wudu.”

How to do Wudhu

According to the hadith of the Prophet, the best method of making wudu is To narrate how wudu on the authority of Imam Hussain (RA) that my father, Hazrat Ali bin Abi Talib (RA), asked me for water for ablution. I brought ablution water and served it. He started performing Wudhu.

He washed both hands three times before inserting one hand into the water. After that, he washed his mouth three times with water from inside. He cleaned his nose three times and then his face three times. Then, he washed his right hand, including the elbow, three times. This style is to wash the other arm. You wiped your blessed head once. He washed both feet up to the ankle three times.

Then he stood up and ordered water to be brought. I served the pot containing the remaining water for ablution, and then you stood up and drank from it. I was surprised, and then you saw me and said: I saw your grandfather doing as you see me doing. He used to perform ablutions in this manner, and he used to stand up.

Wudu Steps

How to do wudhu step by step

  • At the beginning of the ablution, recite “Bismillah.”
  • Perform ablution with (pure) water.
  • Miswak with ablution.
  • First, wash your palms three times.
  • Then rinse three times, mouth, and put water in the nose.
  • Then, wash your face three times.
  • Then wash both your hands with elbows three times (including the elbows)
  • Then wipe (the whole) head.
  • Wipe with both hands. Start at the beginning of the head and move to the back of the neck and from there back to the beginning.
  • Then wipe both your ears (inside and out) once.
  • Then, wash both your feet up to the ankles three times.
  • The authentic ahadith prove that the limbs should be washed three times, but cleaning them twice and once is permissible.

The following actions break Wudu:

  • Urinating
  • defecating
  • ejaculating
  • sleeping
  • touching the wife (with lust)
  • touching the vagina
  • ejaculation of semen
  • sexual intercourse

Wudu According to Science

Prayer is obligatory for every sane adult Muslim. he performs steps of wudu before it, which gives him bodily purity. Ablution is one of the golden principles of hygiene. It is an excellent shield against germs in daily life. Many diseases are caused by germs alone. These germs surround us. They infiltrate the air, the earth and everything we use.

The human body is like a castle. Allah Almighty has made the structure of our skin so that germs cannot enter our body through it. However, wounds on the skin and pores in the mouth and nose are always exposed to germs. Every part of the body that is not normally covered with clothes and can easily become a breeding ground for germs, Allah Almighty has commanded it to be washed from time to time through ablution.

The nose and mouth are the organs in the human body through which germs can quickly enter the body with breath and food, so he ordered gargling to clear the throat and wet the nose to the bone inside. ۔Sometimes germs get into the nose and get stuck inside the hair, and if we don’t wash it from time to time during the day, we can’t even breathe clean air.

After this, it is recommended to wash the face three times so that cold water constantly falls on the eyes, protecting them from all diseases. Washing your hands and feet has many medical benefits. Ablation automatically cures many of our ailments, which we do not even realize are born.

Wudu Before Prayers

It is necessary to perform Wudhu before the Prayer because Allah commands it. Hazrat Abo Horaira narrates that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: Without Wudu, the prayers of any of you will not be accepted unless he performs ablutions.

Conditions for Making Wudu Obligatory

The following are the conditions for making ablution obligatory:

  • Be an adult
  • Be Muslim
  • Being able to have enough water for ablution
  • To be found unclean
  • Be free from menstruation

It is known that many prayers can be performed with one ablution, but keep in mind that as long as the ablution is easily maintained, there is no harm in performing the prayers with the same ablution. But it is better to perform new ablutions when you feel distressed.

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