How Many Rakats in Jummah Prayer Hanafi

Are you looking for How Many Rakats in Jummah” Scholars have different opinions on how many Sunnahs should be recited in Friday prayers and the main reason for this difference is the investigation of different Fiqh religions, so you will definitely follow the order of the religious religion you are a follower of.

If you are not familiar with Islamic jurisprudence, you will surely be confused as to what I should follow if you are a follower of Hanafi jurisprudence, and then you will follow it and will not call other jurisprudence wrong because they are correct in their research, so people of Shafi’i, Maliki and Hanbali jurisprudence will follow their religion.

Because there are most followers of Hanafi jurisprudence in the world, we are explaining the rak’ats of prayers according to Hanafi jurisprudence.

How Many Rakats in Jummah

How Many Rakats in Jummah

Jummah Prayer Rakat

That is, first of all you will read 4 rak’ahs of Sunnah Muqadah and then two rak’ahs of Fard and then 4 rak’ahs of Sunnah Muqadah and after that you will read two rak’ahs of Sunnah Muqadah again and finally you will read two rak’ahs of Nafil thus total 14 rak’ahs of Friday will become.

If you don’t know about Sunnah Muqadah, then know that these are the rak’ats of prayer which the Prophet used to recite continuously with the prayer. And those rak’ahs which were sometimes never prayed with the prayer, then they are called Sunnah non-Muqadah, while in the Friday prayer, all the Sunnah are Muqadah.

If you do not recite Sunnah Muqadah, you will be asked about it, but it will not be a sin.

Virtue of Friday

The Messenger of Allah, said: Friday is the chief of all days and is more glorious than all other days in the sight of Allah. It is greater in the sight of Allah than the day of sacrifice and Eid al-Fitr. It has five qualities:

In it, Allah created Adam . In this, Adam was brought down to earth, and in this, Adam died.

There is a time in it in which a person asks Allah for anything, Allah will surely grant it, provided it is not forbidden.

And in that the Day of Resurrection will arise, every close angel, heaven and earth, air, mountains and sea feel the danger on Friday.

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