Horse meat is Halal or Haram in islam

Are you looking for Horse meat is Halal or Haram” There is little disagreement among the scholars about the horse. According to Imam Azam, horse meat is forbidden (Marko Tahrima). Because this instrument is Jihad and its number will be less due to food.

Imam Qaduri, Saheb Hidayah and Imam Shami state as follows: According to Imam Azam, horse meat is abominable and it is not halal.

Horse meat is not forbidden because it is impure, but it is forbidden because of its respect. Because through it (during Jihad) the enemy is terrorized

Horse meat is Halal or Haram

Imam Bukhari narrates from Hazrat Jabir (RA): Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) forbade the eating of donkey meat on the day of Khaibar and permitted the eating of horse meat.

Imam Shafi’i, Imam Muhammad Hanafi and Imam Abu Yusuf Hanafi have permitted eating horse meat from this hadith.

Imam Nasa’i, Imam Abu Dawud and Ibn Majah narrated on the authority of Khalid bin Waleed: Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)¬†forbade eating horse meat, mule meat and donkey meat.

When there is a conflict between the halal and the haram, the haram is preferred. That’s why Imam Azam and Imam Malik (may Allah have mercy on him) are convinced of abominable.

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In summary, the prohibition of eating horse meat in the Holy Hadith is not because it is forbidden according to the Imams, but because the horse is used for Jihad. And slaughtering it like normal halal animals would reduce the instrumentality of jihad, which is counter-strategic.

According to the research of Allama Ibn Abidin Shami, Imam Abu Hanifah (R.A.) had said that horse meat is halal three days before his death, and there is a fatwa on this.

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