Can you kiss during Ramadan?

Lets see Can you kiss during Ramadan? Can a husband kiss his wife while fasting in Ramadan or not? If a husband can kiss his wife, what are the conditions, and under what circumstances a husband cannot kiss his wife?

So let’s know the answer to this question.

Ways for a husband to kiss his wife

There are two ways for a husband to kiss his wife while fasting:

  • While fasting, a husband can kiss his wife, and embrace her but with the condition that ejaculation does not occur.
  • If the husband cannot control his lust and kissing causes him to ejaculate, then it is forbidden to kiss the wife.
  • If the kiss results in ejaculation, the fast will be broken.
  • If a kiss is done without lust, it is permissible to do so, like kissing children.
  • It is also permissible for a girl to kiss her girl friend because it is not possible to have lust in it.

Hadith about kiss during Ramadan

It is stated in the blessed hadith that the Prophet used to kiss while fasting.

Once Hazrat Umar kissed while fasting and asked the Prophet about it, then the Prophet said that just as rinsing the mouth with water does not break the fast, just kissing does not break the fast.

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