Can you Masturbate during Ramadan?

Lets see Can you masturbate during Ramadan? Do you know whether it is permissible to masturbate while fasting in Ramadan or not?

If you have masturbated while fasting, is your fast broken or not, if the fast is broken, what is the punishment for it?

Masturbate During Ramadan

Let’s know the short answer to this question:

  • In Islam, the prohibition of masturbating even under normal circumstances has been stated, so its prohibition becomes stricter during fasting in Ramadan.
  • Masturbating while fasting is not allowed
  • Masturbating will break the fast immediately
  • This broken fast will have to be made up again after Ramadan
  • Masturbating in Ramadan will not require Kaffara
  • If a person did not know this Shariah ruling, then the fast is broken if such a man or woman masturbates.
  • Despite the knowledge of the Shariah order, masturbating will be a serious sin; such a Muslim should immediately seek forgiveness from Allah for his mistake.


The act of masturbating is strictly prohibited in Islam, so we should avoid this sin and try not to adopt reasons that lead to committing the sin of masturbating. Allah is very forgiving, we must ask for forgiveness for our past sins.

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