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Who would be a person who does not have any goodness or virtue? There must be some good in every human being. If a person wants to cultivate his virtues then he should acquire knowledge of religion. Knowledge of religion burns in virtues.

On one occasion, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: Those who were considered honorable in the state of disbelief, if they want to be respected in the Islamic society, then the most useful prescription for them is to become a scholar of the “rules of Sharia”

In this hadith, there is a lesson for every Muslim that the secret of a Muslim’s honor and greatness is neither in wealth nor in lineage; Rather, its well-being and its development depends on the knowledge of the rules of Shariah and its observance according to it.

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Cute Islamic Whatsapp DP

Cute Islamic Whatsapp DP

Cute Islamic Whatsapp DP

Cute Islamic Whatsapp DP

Of course, there are many benefits to posting Islamic information on your social media, such as WhatsApp and Facebook. If you are wondering how this can have benefits?

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It is a matter of great happiness to remember the commandments of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and to convey them to the people. Not hundreds of thousands but millions of people of this ummah have made themselves deserving of this happiness and have spent their whole life in the service of the commands of the Prophet of Allah. It is such a great happiness that the Prophet (PBIH) said:

Whoever memorizes forty hadiths on religious matters for the benefit of my ummah, then Allah Almighty will raise him as a jurist in the hereafter and I will be with him and watch over his good deeds.

A person who is a scholar of religion should teach others, if people are not benefiting from it, then the person of knowledge should understand that his knowledge is not beneficial, if a scholar is asked about a religious thing and He did not inform the people despite knowing.

On the Day of Resurrection, he will be punished so severely that he has abolished broadcasting for the purpose of knowledge. Whoever asks him something important about religion, if he knows it correctly, he should not hesitate to tell it.

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