How to give Ghusl to a Dead Body Hanafi in islam

How to give Ghusl to a Dead Body” Do you want to know how to give Ghusl to dead in Islam? We believe we can explain it Method of Bathing the Dead to you in very simple terms.

In Islam, after death, the rights of the deceased have been taken care of, they are given a bath And his last rites are performed with full Manners Let us learn how to do Ghusl of dead in islam.

Hadith about washing the dead

Bathing the deceased is obligatory Hazrat Umm Atiya narrates about washing a dead body that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) came to us while we were giving bath to the daughter) Hazrat Zainab)of the Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

So the Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: Give him a single bath with water and berry leaves That is, three or five times, and finally add camphor Begin the Ghusl sequence from your side and the organs of ablution.

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How to give Ghusl to a dead body Hanafi

  • The method of bathing the deceased is to wash the throne on which the deceased is to be bathed three, five or seven times.
  • Then the dead body should be laid on it and all clothes should be removed except for the Satar
  • Then the bather wraps a cloth on his hand and cleans the private parts first
  • Then he should perform ablution as in prayer, but in the ablution of the deceased, there is no need to wash and rinse the hands and to put water in the nose. Because the beginning of ablution by washing the hands is for the living
  • Since the deceased is bathed by another person, a cloth soaked in it should be used to clean the teeth and gums and the nose.
  • Then, if there is hair on the head and beard, wash it with pure soap, otherwise plain water is enough
  • Then, lying on the left crotch, pour the boiled water of berry leaves from head to foot on the right side so that the water reaches the throne.
  • Then fold the right crotch and pour water on the left side in the same way.
  • If boiled water for berry leaves is not available, plain lukewarm water is sufficient
  • Then sit on a reclining side and gently rub your hands on the stomach, if there is any discharge, wash it
  • Then pour water over the whole body. By doing this, the obligation was fulfilled.
  • After that, if two more ghusls are performed, the Sunnah will be fulfilled

First two baths should be given in lukewarm water with berry leaves/soap. In the third bath, camphor should be used in the water. After that, the body of the deceased should be wiped dry and scented. There is a lot of encouragement in Islam regarding the reward for giving Ghusl to dead.

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