How to do Tayammum Hanafi with Tayammum Steps

How to do Tayammum Hanafi” If water is not available or if there is a fear of getting sick from Ghusl/Wudhu, Tayammum is ordered instead of Ghusl and Wudhu.

The method of Tayammum for both Ghusl and Wudu is the same, the only difference is in the intention that the Tayammum of Ghusl should be considered as Ghusl and the Tayammum of Wudu should be regarded as a substitute for Wudu.

Literal Definition of Tayammum

The word Tayammum is Masdar which means to intend.

Shariah Definition of Tayammum

Wiping the face and both hands with pure clay while intending to pray etc. for the purpose of worship.

How to do Tayammum Hanafi

How to do Tayammum at Home

It was narrated from Hazrat Imran (RA) that we were with the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) on a journey. He (ﷺ) led the people in prayer, when he (ﷺ) got up after finishing the prayer, he (ﷺ) saw a person standing on one side and he did not pray with the people.

He said: O So-and-so! What stopped you from praying with people? He said: I have felt Janabat (ablution) and there is no water The Prophet ﷺ said: You perform tayammum with pure clay that is enough for you.

How to Make Tayammum

Method of Tayammum

  • First, make the intention that I perform tayammum to remove impurity and pray
  • Then spread the fingers of both hands and wipe the entire mouth once with the marker on pure clay or something that is of the earth’s gender so that no space remains
  • Then in the same way, he should wipe both hands from the nails to the elbows so that there is no space left

See: wudu-steps

Tayammum conditions

Duties of Tayammum

Tayammum has three duties:

  1. To intend
  2. Beat both hands on the clay and rub it all over the face
  3. Roll both hands up to the elbows

Sunna of Tayammum

There are five Sunnahs of Tayammum:

  1. Say Bismillah
  2. Hit the hands on the ground
  3. Keep fingers open
  4. Wiping the hands when there is a lot of dirt in such a way that the root of the thumb of one hand hits the root of the thumb of the other hand
  5. Hand rub in beard and fingers

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