Fazkuruni Azkurkum washkuruli wala takfurun Ayat Meaning

Lets see Fazkuruni azkurkum washkuruli wala takfurun Ayat “so remember me i will remember you” this is verse 152 of Surat Baqarah of the Holy Qur’an. From this verse, the virtue of remembrance of God in Islam can be gauged that whoever is engaged in remembrance of God, and then God Himself remembers him.

Abo Darda says ‘that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: Can I tell you about unique deeds? which is better and purer in the sight of your master, At the highest of your position? And it is better to face your enemy than jihad while you kill them and they kill you?

The Companions asked: Why not? He said: That deed is the remembrance of Allah. We will try our best to explain this verse fazkuruni azkurkum to you in such a way that you can easily understand its meaning.

Fazkuruni Azkurkum Ayat in English

Fazkuruni Azkurkum Ayat

So Remember me I will Remember You

This is a great covenant and agreement between Allah fazkuruni azkurkum and His servants. This has been explained in a hadith qudsi with the following words:

When my servant thinks of me, I think of him. If he thinks of me as separate from everything, I do the same, and if he remembers me in a party, I call him I remember in a much better game than. His party is very high and high, he is the party of the highest nation, and the angels are the party of the near ones.

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)  said: Apart from those who write deeds, there are some angels of Allah who roam the earth. When they see a group engaged in remembrance of Allah, they call out to one another to come to their destination. So they come and cover them up to the heavens of the world. Allah asks: What were my servants doing when you came to them? The Malaikas say that we have left them to praise and glorify you and to mention you.

Lord says, “Have they seen me?” The angels say no. Allah says that if they see me what will happen to them? The angels ask. That they began to mention more intensely. Then Allah asks what do they want? They say that they seek your paradise. Allah asks, “Have they seen Paradise?” They say no, Allah says that if they see ? They ask that if they see it, they will start begging more intensely. Then Allah asks what they seek refuge in. They say that from Hell. Allah asks, “Have they seen Hell?”

The angels say no. Allah says that if they see Hell, what will happen to them? The angels ask. That they seek more refuge than ever before.

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Fazkuruni Azkurkum washkuruli wala takfurun Meaning

Many things have been said in the commentary of fazkuruni azkurkum. What is meant by so remember me i will remember you Many concepts have been mentioned in this regard. Which is stated by Imam Fakhr-ud-Din Razi in Tafsir Kabeer as follows faz kuruni az kurkum:

  • Remember me by obedience so that I may remember you by my mercy.
  • Remember me with prayer so that I may remember you by accepting prayer.
  • Remember me with praise and obedience so that I may remember you with praise and blessing.
  • Remember me in this world, that I may remember you in the Hereafter.
  • Remember me in private so that I may remember you in gatherings.
  • Remember me in the time of abundance of blessings; I will remember you in times of hardship.
  • Remember me through worship so that I may help you.
  • Remember me through struggle and effort so that I may remember you through guidance.

The Virtue of Remembrance of Allah

  • The virtue of remembrance of Allah in Islam is measured by the fact that the servant is engaged in remembrance God Himself remembers it Allah Almighty has said: “I am with my servant and when he mentions my name I am not far from him. If he thinks of me in a state of heart then I am close to him. If he calls me in a meeting, I call him in a better meeting And if he was close to me, I would be close to him like an arm, If he approaches me with one arm, I approach him with both arms. If he comes to me on foot, I run to him. “
  • Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: That light people went ahead The Companions said: Ya Rasool Allah! Who are those people? Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: Those who are immersed in the remembrance of Allaah. Zikr removes the burden of sins from them. Therefore, they will be present on the Day of Resurrection in a light manner.
  • Two villagers came to the service of the Holy Prophet and one of them asked, O Muhammad! Who is the best man? Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: Whoever has a long life and good deeds. Another said that the rules of Islam are too many. Can you tell us something comprehensive that we can hold fast to? Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: Keep your tongue wet with the remembrance of Allaah at all times.
  • Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: Avoid too much talk except the remembrance of Allaah, for it hardens the heart, and the hard-hearted one stays away from Allaah.
  • Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: The ranks of those who remember Allah are higher than those who do jihad And the remembrance of Allah is the Eliminator of sins Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) forbade a lot of words and commanded us to engage in remembrance of Allaah at all times.

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