How to pray in Islam step by step for beginners | with Pictures

Lets see How to pray in Islam step by step for beginners? It is obligatory upon every Muslim whether he is a man or a woman to pray five times a day. Prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam.

Prayers have been ordered many times in the Holy Quran, Prophet Muhammad has taught how to pray, so let us learn it so that we too can pray, if you are a Sunni Hanafi then this method is for you is very important, while people of other schools of thought may pray in their own way.

The Pre-Requisites (Sharait) of Salah

Five things must be fulfilled before learning the complete method of prayer, these are the conditions before starting the prayer, only in their presence will the prayer be performed.

Those five conditions are as follows:


The first condition of prayer is “purity”, that is, before entering the prayer, the person’s body, clothes and place of prayer should be clean.

Covering a particular part of the body

That is, the specific body parts of the person who is praying should be covered with clothes. . For a man, this veil is the body from the navel to the knees, and for a woman, it is necessary to cover the whole body except the face, hands and feet.

Time for prayer

That is, there is a time for the prayer that is to be performed, it cannot be that the time is for the Fajr prayer and you should perform the Asr prayer.

Facing the Kaaba

Muslims will turn their face and whole body towards Masjid al-Haram i.e. Kaaba during prayer.

Doing the intention

Make an intention before starting the prayer, if you say it with the tongue, it is good, otherwise it can be done only in the heart.

How to pray in Islam step by step

Now let us know how to pray in Islam for male and female, there are seven obligations in prayer which complete the prayer only by performing it, if even one obligation is left then the prayer will not be complete.

1; Takbeer Tahrima

How to pray Takbeer Tahrima in Islam step by step for beginners

First of all make the intention of prayer and then start the prayer by saying Takbeer Tahrima, Takbeer Tahrima means raising both hands to the ears and saying Allahu Akbar while starting the prayer.

While the woman will only raise her hands up to the shoulders.

2; Qiyam / Standing

How to pray Qiyam in Islam step by step

By saying this Takbeer, the prayer begins. And then tie both hands under your navel and the woman will place both her hands on her chest.

A man should place his right hand on top of his left under the navel in such a way that the right palm is on the back of the left palm.

While the woman will place the palm of the right hand on the back of the left hand on the chest.

3; Qira’at / Recitation of the Holy Quran

Now first read Sana’a and then read Taawoz and Tasmiya together after that, recite Surah Al-Fatiha and later recite any major verse or small Surah of the Holy Quran.

How to pray in Islam step by step for beginners

4; Ruku / Bowing

How to pray ruku in Islam step by step

Ruku will be performed after Qira’at. Ruku mean to bow down holding the knees. Ruku should be done in such a way that both knees are held firmly by opening the fingers of both hands.

And keep the elbows away from the stomach. Tasbih will be recited three times in Ruku “subhana rabbiyal azeem

Stand up straight without tying your hands while saying “sami allahu liman hamidah” from bowing. And then read Rabbana lakal hamd” This is called a Qoma.

5; Sujud / Prostration

How to pray sujud in Islam step by step

After that, prostration is to be performed. The way to perform Sajdah is that the worshiper should go into Sajdah by placing both hands on his knees while saying Allahu Akbar.

First put the knees on the ground, then the hands, then the nose and forehead, the mouth should be between the two hands Recite this Tasbeeh in three in Sajdah Subhana Rabbiyal A’la

While the command for prostration for a woman is that she should keep her arms close to her armpits, her stomach close to her thighs, her thighs close to her shins, and her elbows close to the ground.

In this way, one prostration will be completed, now sit up, this is called Jalsa, and again perform prostration as before, in this way, two prostrations will be completed.

This is one rakat of your prayer completed. In the same way, complete your remaining rak’ahs according to the number of rak’ahs of the prayer and then at the end sit down to read Qa’dah Akhirah i.e. Attahiyat.

6; Qa’dah Akhirah / Final Sitting

6; Qa’dah Akhirah / Final Sitting

In Qa’dah Akhirah, first recite Tashahhud, i.e. Attahiyat, and then recite Durood-e-Ibrahimi, and then recite Dua like Rabbi Jalni Muqimas Salati.

How to pray in Islam step by step 1

7; Slam / finishing the salah (Khurooj Bi’sun’ihi)

7; Slam / finishing the salah (Khurooj Bi’sun’ihi)

Now, after completing the Dua, first turn the Salam to the right and then to the left.


If you wanted to pray with the Sunni Hanafi method, then this article must have been very important for you, you would have learned a lot by looking at the images of the prayers. I pray to Allah, may Allah grant us all the opportunity to pray five times a day, Ameen

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