Dua for Debts Allahumma ikfina Bihalalika

Are you looking for Dua for Debts” Many difficulties and sufferings come in the life of every human being but they are not so severe that they cannot be controlled. Difficulties and trials can bring a person to the end of the mountain, but if a person remains steadfast, no difficulty can bring him down from the mountain. We should have full faith in our Allah.

In today’s era, almost every person wants to get rid of debt and in this thought, everyone is worried that he can pay off his debt in one way or another and sleep peacefully at night.

We are going to teach you a dua that can help you get rid of debt so let’s read a little below.

Dua for Debts

Recite the following dua taught to Hazrat Ali (RA) by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) seven times after every obligatory prayer and while walking.

 If there is a debt equal to a mountain, then Allah Ta’ala will manage its payment from the unseen, God willing

Dua for Debts Allahumma ikfina Bihalalika

   “Allahumma Akfini Bihalalika an Haramika wa Aghnini Bifadlika Amman Siwaka”

Allahumma ikfina Bihalalika

A Makatib (slave) came to Hazrat Ali and said: I am unable to pay my dues, please help me. Hazrat Ali said: Shall I not teach you the words that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) taught me? If you have a deen (debt) equal to a big mountain, Allah will pay it on your behalf.

Dua for Getting Rid of Debt

Let’s see a wazifa to get rid of debt that the Prophet told one of his companions. When the Sahabi could not come to the mosque for Friday prayer because he owed someone a loan and he was standing outside the house so that he would not leave without receiving the loan.

The wazifa for getting rid of debt is to read Surah Al-Imran verse 26 and 27 and then read the wazifa given below.

Dua for Getting Rid of Debt

Dua for Debt Relief

To get rid of all sorrows and worries, especially for getting rid of debts, recite the following dua seven times in the morning and evening, which the Prophet (PBUH) gave to Hazrat Abu Umama (RA).

Dua for Debts Allahumma ikfina Bihalalika

One day Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) entered the mosque, and there was an Ansari person sitting there, whose name was Abo Umama. He asked: O Abo Umama! I see you sitting in the mosque at a time that is not for prayer.

(Is it good?), he said: O Messenger of Allah! Many troubles and debts surround me, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: Should I not teach you the words which you will recite and Allah will remove your sorrows and pay your debts? He (happily) said: Of course! Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Recite this in the morning and in the evening:

Hazrat Abu Umama (RA) said: I did so (as the Holy Prophet (PBUH) told me) and Allah removed my sorrows and paid my (all) debt.


Which surah to recite for debt?

It is very beneficial to read the verses of Surah Al-Imran to get rid of debt. The above article has given the complete method of reading it. You will definitely achieve your goal by reading it in the same order.

How do Muslims deal with debt?

It is a good practice to get a loan when you are under duress. If a debtor delays in repaying the loan, he should be given more time and no interest should be charged on it. We should keep asking Allah to make it easy to pay the debt.

Is it haram to be in debt?

Taking a loan is permissible but taking a loan with interest is forbidden. When taking a loan, you should take care that you get the income from halal sources on the loan.

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