Muslim Turban Meaning with Explanation

Are you find information about Muslim Turban? You are a Muslim and want to tie a turban on your head, but you have questions in your mind about what fabric the turban should be made of, cotton, silk or any other fabric?

What color should the turban be? What is the length of the fabric chosen for the turban?

In what way should the turban be tied on the head, should it be arched from the front or should it be kept round? Is it permissible to make any pattern on the turban? Which color turban is undesirable?

What is the difference between turbans of Sikhs and Muslims? What is the difference between Shia and Sunni turban?

You will get the answer to all these questions here. Read this article completely:

Color of Muslim Turban Name

The Messenger of Allah tied a turban and also wore a blessed hat, so these two actions are included in the blessed Sunnah of the Prophet.

Black Turban

Black muslim turban picture

Hazrat Jabir bin Abdullah narrates: When the Prophet came to Makkah after the conquest of Makkah, he had a black turban on his head.

Yellow Turban

Yellow Muslim Turban

He (PBUH) also wore a yellow turban on his head in the last days of his life:

Hazrat Fazl bin Abbas narrates: I went to the Messenger of Allah when he was in the state of illness, and at that time there was a yellow-colored turban on his blessed head.

Saffron Turban

Saffron muslim Turban

The Prophet also wore a turban dyed with saffron:

Hazrat Abdullah Bin Jafar narrates: I saw the Prophet, he was wearing two clothes dyed in saffron, with a cloak and a turban.

How to tie a Muslim Turban

Hazrat (Abdullah) bin Umar narrates: The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to tie a turban and wrap it round his head with a circle. And the last part would be tied at the back of the head and one end would be hung between the blessed shoulders.

That is, the turban should be tied on the head in such a way that it is round in shape and a part of this cloth should be left to hang on the shoulder.

Hazrat Abu Huraira says: The Messenger of Allah had a white colored Syrian cap which he used to wear.

Important information about Muslim Turban Meaning

  • In Islam, it is not permissible for men to wear silk and there is no prohibition to wear any other type of clothing.
  • Therefore, except for silk, every cloth that hides adorns and protects from heat and cold, it is permissible for men to wear it and tie a turban.
  • In Islam, it is not forbidden to tie a turban of any color, so according to the person’s personality, they can wear a turban of the same color.
  • The length of the cloth used for the turban can be kept according to the need, there is no Shariah restriction.
  • The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) did not specify any method of tying the turban, so they can adopt whatever method is appropriate.
  • There is no prohibition of pattern on the turban but it should look beautiful according to the personality.
  • No color is undesirable for the turban, but whatever color the turban is worn, it should be dignified.
  • Wearing a turban dyed with saffron is proven by the Sunnah.
  • Prophet Muhammad did not specify any method of tying the turban for Muslims, so there is no method specified for us.
  • But it may happen that non-Muslims such as Sikhs adopt a special method for themselves, that is, when they see this style of turban, people think that it is a person of such and such a religion. In such a case, Muslims should avoid this discriminatory method. .
  • There is no division of turban among Muslims on the basis of religion.

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