Husband and wife Quotes in Quran with Images

Are you looking Husband and wife Quotes in Quran” You will find the best quotes here. Islam is a religion of moderation, justice and equal distribution of rights.

This religion has also taken the path of moderation regarding the rights of men and women and because of this special feature; Islam is distinguished from all other religions of the world.

Just as Islam has defined the rights of men, it has also defined the rights of women & Islamic quotes for wife. Moderation, equality and justice which is on the level of equality is called justice, this is the first priority of Islam.

The evolution of society, mutual love and tolerance, mutual understanding and trust, equal distribution of rights and adherence to it are the foundation of a stable and strong family& nikah quotes.

Marriage Quotes Islam

Marriage quotes Islam

Wife in Islam Quotes

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) advised men about women: “Take good advice about women, because women are subordinate to you, you do not own anything other than that.

In the same way, while he instructed men to keep their marriage strong and strong, he also made women bound by Islamic limits and made them trustees of men’s trusts while remaining within the realm of Islam so that they would not commit treachery. The Holy Qur’an has tied the knot of marital life, so that social order is maintained.

Marriage in Islam Quotes

In the same way, women’s rights are obligatory on men and what are their rights, it has also been explained. The Holy Qur’an has described it in detail. For example, with the protection of women’s economic, social and cultural rights, the maintenance of the home is also the responsibility of the man. He cannot keep the woman out of society. Has the right to assert its position.

It is the man’s responsibility to provide opportunities for women to develop their natural abilities within society. And do their part in the construction of civilization and civilization better and reach a higher place of work.

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Husband and wife Quotes in Quran

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: When he eats, feed him, and when he wears, clothe him, and do not slap him on the face, nor speak ill of him.

Husband wife quotes in Islam

Islamic Marriage Quotes

  • He is the most perfect of the believers: The one who is most virtuous and the best among you is the one who is best to his wives.
  • The best man is the one who is best with his wife so husbands should treat their wives well and praise their good deeds in front of their wives.
  • A woman’s earnings belong entirely to a woman and a man has no right to assert his right to such earnings.
  • Adornment is part of every woman’s nature and adornment of the wife is for the husband, so Islam obliges the man to take responsibility for his wife’s adornment.
  • The responsibility of raising children is not only the duty of the woman but also the man is equally responsible in it and Islam obliges the man to take part in this process together with the woman.
  • Home is the responsibility of the couple which together they can make both heaven and hell. The impression that only women have the responsibility to do the housework is absolutely wrong.
  • For a happy home environment, it is important for husband and wife to respect each other’s rights, to be kind, to be gentle and kind, and to tolerate any unpleasant things that may happen. Especially a man has a duty to show patience.

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