Fabi Ayyi Ala i Rabbikuma Tukazziban Meaning with Explanation

Fabi ayyi ala i rabbikuma tukazziban Is a verse of Surah Ar-Rahman, which is called the bride of the Qur’an. The name of this surah is one of the attributes of Allah which is taken from the first word of the surah.

In Surah Ar-Rahman, some blessings of Allah Almighty are mentioned in this world and in the hereafter and in this surah, the nature and characteristics of resurrection and the method of calculation of deeds have been explained.

Fabiayyi ala irobbikuma tukadziban Meaning

After mentioning every blessing, Allah Almighty confesses to His servant with the verse fabi ayyi ala i rabbikuma tukazziban: This verse fabi aalai rabbikuma tukazziban is repeated 31 times.

Usually the recitation of this surah is also heard. Because listening to it makes one feel a different mood, so this surah is the favorite surah of all people, and it mentions the blessings of Allah, by listening to which one must be thankful for the blessings.

Fabi Ayyi Ala I Rabbikuma Tukazziban Meaning in English

Fabi Ayyi Ala I Rabbikuma Tukazziban Meaning in English


Allah has blessed man with so many blessings that man cannot count these blessings. Man thinks that I need such and such thing, so-and-so has this thing, why don’t I have it, Allah has given this to so-and-so why me No.

but if this person thinks for a few moments about the blessings that Allah has bestowed on him, there are many of the blessings that Allah, the Exalted, has bestowed upon him without asking. For many people murmur before Allah.

Fabiayyi ala irobbikuma tukadziban Meaning in Hindi & Urdu

fabi ayyi ala i rabbikuma tukazziban meaning in arabic


There is a famous story of Sheikh Saadi that when he reached a city, his shoe was torn and he could not afford to buy a new one. So they were very sad that in spite of so much grace and perfection, Allah has kept them in such a condition that there is no shoe in the foot.

As they entered the city mosque, they saw a man who had no feet. Seeing this, they fell down in prostration before Allah, the Lord of Glory, and gave thanks to Allah, saying that if there is no shoe, then what is the matter with the feet, whereas this poor man has no feet.

Fabiayyi ala irobbikuma tukadziban Importance

  • It is incumbent upon us to give thanks to God for His blessings and to pay that right is pleasing to God fabi ayyi aalaaa i rabbikumaa tukazziban, while ingratitude is disliked by Him.
  • And keep in mind the belief that thanksgiving is good for us and ungratefulness is bad for us, because the Holy Lord is selfless, it doesn’t matter if anyone is thankful or ungrateful.
  • Every human being thinks that Mohsin should be thanked and this is in the nature of every human being. That is why if one is ungrateful to his benefactor, he is considered to be cursed.
  • That is why when one does well to another in the world, every religion and nation gives thanks to others in the form of different words and deeds according to their culture and traditions. The Shariah also likes to thank people for their kindness.
  • It is narrated from Abo Horaira that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: He who does not give thanks to people does not give thanks to Allah.
  • That is why in Islam it is explicitly commanded to give thanks to parents and teachers. When it is necessary to give thanks for some limited kindness of the creatures, how much more important it is to give thanks for the blessings of the Creator of the universe, whose blessings are beyond our comprehension.
  • The bottom line fabiayyi ala irobbikuma tukadziban is that giving thanks is a command of Allah, the grateful will be safe from punishment, the grateful will be appreciated in the sight of God, and the grateful will be rewarded with excellent reward.


We should never complain to our Lord. We should be happy in the condition that Allah has put us in. Because Allah has given us countless blessings that we can never repay.

If we are healthy, such a blessing is Allah’s favor. We should never be tempted by more wealth and fame. A healthy life is a great blessing. We should pray daily and recite the Holy Quran if possible memorize short Suras of the Holy Quran and read them in our free time.

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