Dua for Success in Exams & Important Instructions

Are you looking Dua for Success in Exams. Because Exams have always been an undesirable thing in human nature. The reason for this disgust of man is that he has to be characterized by diligence, mutual intelligence, hard work and responsibility during exams.

While man wants to live his life carelessly and irresponsibly, but if he knows what he is going to get after the exam, then he does not hate the exam but loves it. Examination is a great blessing. He who does not pass the test, in fact, nature does not agree to give him any blessing.


A student is also tested. He works hard day and night, stays up at night and prepares his papers. This time it feels very difficult. He works hard day and night when he takes exams. When he finally has it, he has a strange joy that is indescribable. It is also promoted to a new class. It gets promoted. The word of God is “After every difficulty there is ease.

We will share with you all the necessary prayers related to Dua for success in exam.

  • Dua for exams
  • Dua for test

Dua Before Exam

Dua before exam


If you want to pass the exams, you have to work hard on your studies because prayer alone will not help you. Pray again after you have done your best, Allah will surely reward you for your hard work. So you can’t pray without exam preparation.

Hazrat Abo Horaira narrates that Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: Whoever learns to speak well in order to win the hearts of special people or people through it, then on the Day of Qayamat Allah will Will not accept any duty.

Dua for Success in Exams

Dua for exam success


Hazrat Ka’b bin Malik said: I heard Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) saying: Whoever acquires knowledge by means of which he fights against the scholars, or quarrels with fools, or by means of which he attracts people (for the sake of wealth and honor), then Allah will admit him to Hell.

Imam Ibrahim ibn Yazid used to say: If a person speaks a word of knowledge in order to get people’s attention, he will fall into hell because of that one thing. So what will happen to the person who has been doing this all the time?

Imam Zulnoon used to say to the scholars: We found such people that whenever one of them was more knowledgeable, he would hate the world as much, while you are in this day and age when one of you is more knowledgeable. At the same time the world becomes more (greedy) in love, demand and conflict.

We found them in a state where they used to spend wealth to acquire knowledge, whereas today you spend knowledge to acquire wealth.

Important Instructions for Success in Exams

Along with your hard work to pass the exam, you can also do the following:

  • Recite “Ya Nasiro” 300 times every day and be sure to recite Durood Sharif with it.
  • Whenever exam days are approaching, you should end all your activities and devote all your time to your studies.
  • Quit your social media activities too.
  • Read your books in full, and be sure to check out the important lessons.
  • Be sure to seek guidance from a subject matter expert.
  • Use pen in exams. Avoid using pointers.
  • Make your writing happy, it also makes a good impression on the examiner.
  • Pray five times in congregation.
  • Recite Durood Sharif frequently.

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