Dua for protection from evil eye | A Source of Strength

In a world filled with uncertainties and unseen forces, safeguarding ourselves and our loved ones from negative energies is paramount. One powerful method deeply rooted in many cultures is reciting prayers or “duas” for protection against the evil eye. This article delves into the significance of Dua for protection from evil eye and provides valuable insights into its practice.

Understanding the Evil Eye

What is the Evil Eye?

  • The evil eye is believed to be a nasty glare or negative energy directed towards someone out of envy or jealousy.
  • It is often unintentional but can cause harm or misfortune to the recipient.
  • The belief in the evil eye spans cultures and civilizations, with variations in interpretation and remedies.

Significance of Protection

  • Recognizing the potential impact of the evil eye, individuals seek protection through various means, including prayers, rituals, and amulets.
  • Dua for protection from evil eye holds immense significance in Islamic tradition, offering a shield against harmful influences.

Dua for Protection from evil eye | A Source of Strength

The Power of Prayer

  • Dua, or supplication, is a fundamental aspect of the Islamic faith, representing a direct connection between the believer and the Almighty.
  • Reciting dua for protection invokes divine guidance and safeguards against spiritual harm.

Embracing Spiritual Remedies

  • Islamic teachings emphasize the importance of seeking refuge in Allah from malevolent forces, including the evil eye.
  • Dua for protection from evil eye is a spiritual shield, reinforcing one’s faith and resilience against negativity.

Incorporating Dua Into Daily Life

Practice and Consistency

  • Consistency is critical when incorporating dua into daily routines.
  • Establishing a habit of reciting dua for protection, especially during vulnerable moments or before embarking on significant endeavours, strengthens spiritual defences.

Intention and Sincerity

  • The efficacy of dua lies not only in the words recited but also in the sincerity of intention.
  • Approach dua for evil eye protection with genuine belief and trust in its potency, aligning your heart and mind with the divine.

Bad eyesight is an ancient concept found in various nations of the world. In the first presidency of Islam, the enemies of Islam intended to use the services of Arabs who were famous for their looks to harm Islam.

He claimed that whatever he saw with the intention of harming it would be destroyed as soon as he saw it. Allaah protected Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) from their evil and all the plots of these evil ones failed. Allah says:

Dua for Evil Eye Protection (nazar ki Dua in English)

This verse refers to the effect of harm in the evil eye which can affect the body and soul of another human being. Therefore, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said: “The sighting is a fact and Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) forbade tattooing”

Evil Effects of Bad Eyesight

Bad eyesight has bad effects. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) has commanded to blow the bush to prevent evil eye. When Ana’s was asked about the tail, he said: Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) allowed blowing the bush for three things:

  • evil eye
  • On the bite of scorpions, etc.
  • For boils

Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqah said: Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) commanded me or ordered me to stop looking bad.

Dua For Evil Eye Protection

  1. You should recite this Quranic prayer 11 times and breathe on the affected person. Surely you will get well.
  2. To cure the evil eye, one should recite the Mu’awzaatin and breathe it out and also pray that the blessed hadith proves that Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqah narrates that when Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was ill, Gabriel came to you. He would breathe and say these words:

nazar Ki Dua in English


“In the name of Allah, He will heal you, and heal you from every disease, and keep you safe from every evil of the envious and from every evil of the eye of the beholder.”

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Evil Eye Protection Explanation in Hadith

The above verses and traditions prove  that the evil eye is not a superstition or superstition but a reality whose effects are justified. We should avoid any kind of non-sharia matters and make the recitation of the Quran routine:

Hazrat Abdullah bin Masood states that there are two healings in the Qur’an: one of them is the Qur’an (itself) and the other is the healing of honey. The Qur’an is a cure for all diseases of the chest and honey is a cure for all other ailments.

When a person complained to Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) about the sore throat, he said: Make the recitation of the Qur’aan obligatory upon you. (Sore throat will go away)

Hazrat Talha ibn Musraf narrates that it was said that when the Qur’an is recited near the patient, he feels relief in his distress. And he says that I went to see Hazrat Khaythama  with  and I told her that I see you in good condition today. So he said That the Holy Quran has been recited to me (It happened with his blessing)

FAQs: Addressing Common Concerns

Q: Can Dua protect against all forms of negativity?

  • A: While dua serves as a potent form of spiritual protection, it is essential to complement it with positive actions and righteous deeds to ward off negative influences comprehensively.

Q: How frequently should one recite dua for evil eye protection?

  • A: There is no set frequency for reciting dua, but consistency and sincerity are paramount. Incorporate dua into daily prayers or recite it whenever you feel vulnerable to negative energies.

Q: Are there specific verses or prayers recommended for protection against the evil eye?

  • A: Several verses from the Quran and prophetic supplications are recommended for seeking protection from the evil eye. Consult with knowledgeable scholars or religious authorities for guidance on selecting appropriate prayers.

Conclusion: Strengthening Spiritual Resilience

In a world fraught with challenges, the practice of Dua for protection from evil eye offers solace and strength to believers. By fostering a deeper connection with the divine and seeking refuge in prayer, individuals can fortify their spiritual defenses and navigate life’s trials with steadfastness and faith. Let us embrace the transformative power of dua, finding comfort and protection in the boundless mercy of Allah.

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