Types of Divorce with Explanation in English

Are you looking for Types of Divorce “Divorce is the opening of the bond of marriage between husband and wife with specific words and lifting the bond of marriage. Literally, Divorce means release from imprisonment. Islam has made the law of divorce not for separation but to resolve the hatred between the spouses during the period of Iddat.

So that thinking time should be provided to create feelings of love instead of hatred between husband and wife. In Islam, divorce is justified as an abominable act under necessity, but the Shari’ah does not like it.

Before giving divorce, it is necessary for a person to consider what will be the result after divorce. Apart from the personal life of the spouses, the issues of their children, the issues of future marriage, society and livelihood have a fundamental status in this.

Therefore, if he corrects himself before reaching these conclusions, there is no need to go to the point of divorce Let us tell you about the types of divorce:

Types of Divorce

There are three types of divorce. It refers to types that show the effects of divorce and its consequences after the divorce has taken place.

  1. divorce /Talaq Rajei
  2. Divorce Bain
  3. Divorce Mughalza

Divorce Rajei /Talaq Rajei

A reversionary divorce is a divorce after which a man takes back the divorce he gave to his wife during the days of “iddah and becomes a wife again and does not remarry.

Therefore, when a person gives one or two divorces to his wife but does not use the word “Bain” with the divorce, for example, saying “I divorced you” or uses the word “one or two” with the divorce, then this will be Rajei divorce . And a man may return to his wife within the Iddah; whether the wife agrees or not.

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Divorce Bain

Talaq-e-Bain refers to a divorce in which if the man does not approach the woman by giving one or two Rajei divorces to her, then after the end of the Iddah, the woman becomes ‘Bain’, meaning the marriage relationship between the man and the woman is severed.

After iddah, if they both agree, they can marry again with a new Haq mahar. But if a person gives one or two divorces to his wife and uses the word Bain with it, for example, saying, “I give you one Talaq Bain or two Talaq Bain.”

So divorce Bain will be imposed on this woman and the marriage of both of them will end immediately In this case, both parties can remarry with mutual consent during or after iddah. Read : importance-marriage-islam

Divorce Mughalza

It refers to a divorce in which three divorces are given consecutively in three tuhars or three divorces are given in the same tuhar or three divorces are given in the same word.

After that, the man cannot remarry the woman until his divorced wife marries another person and obtains a divorce after having intercourse with him, or the man dies.

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