Tefillah for lost objects powerful prayer

Are you looking for Tefillah for lost objects” You are on a trip and suddenly need something like a mobile phone or money, when you put your hand in your pocket, you find that the pocket is empty, then your heart will sink into worry.

Because either your mobile has fallen somewhere or your mobile and money have been stolen. Or do not find any important thing in the house in an emergency. So what will you do in this case?

  • Will you be in a state of fear?
  • Will you start crying in distress?
  • Will you make a noise that my so-and-so thing is lost?
  • Or you will keep yourself under control and read some Quranic dua to get your lost thing back to you;

Of course this last option is better so let us provide you dua to get back your lost thing in this article. Which are very important and influential.

Tefillah for lost objects

Tefillah for lost objects powerful prayer

Keep reciting this dua more and more. With its blessings, the lost item is found. When something like this happens to you, keep your emotions under control and calmly think about where the lost item was kept and the last one Where did you see the bar, maybe you use it yourself or you give it to someone yourself. When you are sure that the thing is lost, then start reading this verse.

Bracha when you lose something

In Judaism, such words are used to find something lost. “Rabbi Meir Baal Haness” These are the words used by a scholar of the same name in the days of the Romans. He rescued his sister-in-law from the Roman prison and when the jailer was about to be hanged, he shouted the same words  “G-d of Rabbi Meir, answer me” and escaped the execution.

Tefillah for lost objects

In order to find the lost thing, these words of prayer are called and then charity is given. In this way, the lost thing is found back.

Prayer for lost objects

Prayer for lost objects

The lost object can be obtained by reciting the above dua, the importance and virtue of this dua has also been explained a lot, the words of this dua are very meaningful.

Powerful prayer for lost things

You should recite two rakats in solitude with the intention of fulfilling your need and then recite Durood Sharif seven times and then recite the following verse of Surah Luqmān 119 times.

Powerful prayer for lost things

If you can’t read this verse then repeat “Ya Hafeezo” 119 times and after that recite Durood Sharif seven times and pray, Inshallah your lost thing will be found soon.

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Powerful prayer to find lost things

Verse 9 of Surah Al-Imran has also been presented by many scholars. By reading this verse, lost things can be recovered. It is a short verse, of course you can read it easily.

Powerful prayer to find lost things

Dua to find lost items

You should recite Surah 93 in the last part of the Holy Qur’an named “surah ad-Zuha” seven times and pray, surely the lost thing will be returned.

Always remember this and this is also the principle of Islam, you should protect your things completely, it is not right to do so, instead of protecting, you are keeping the thing trusting in Allah. Rather, first take full care of the security of the goods and then leave it to Allah.

Seeing something fallen in the market

If you were going to the market and somewhere on the way you find something dropped, pick it up and ask the people around if someone has dropped something, then go and return it. If it is more valuable, you should go to the police station and deposit it or take out your mobile phone and share the item on social media.

A person who picks up a fallen object and uses it himself, without even trying to find its original owner, will be considered very wrong to do so.

If there is something that is likely to be damaged by being read there, then you can use it yourself to protect it from being damaged. And if the owner is found later, then pay him the amount of the thing.

This is the order of Prophet Muhammad in Islam, if you find a lost thing, find the original owner of that thing and return it, if the original owner is not found, then charity should be given.


Whenever an item is lost from you, don’t worry, please do a complete research in your mind about that item first, if after doing a complete search and looking around, you still can’t find the lost item, do the above prayers.

Read any one of them continuously and have faith in Allah. If Allah wills, you will find the lost thing. Otherwise, believe that Allah will give you something better. It may also be a gift from Allah.

Test how you keep yourself in these situations, be patient before Allah or complain to Allah. We should thank Allah in every situation and always show patience in adversity because this is the sign of success.

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