Marriage Annulment Lawyer complete Explanation

Do you know about Marriage Annulment Lawyer” In the pre-Islamic era, Husband used to oppress their wives. He would not have made them wives and settled them with honor, nor would he have divorced them and released them from the bondage of marriage.

He would oppress women, and whenever they were divorced, they would not be allowed to marry again another man.

He would put her back in his marriage whenever he wanted and then the same cruelty would continue and the whole life would pass away Even today, some so-called Muslims say, will not keep or leave this is the worst oppression on women.

Marriage License Annulment

The Holy Qur’an put an end to this and set the limit for divorce. If a person divorces once or two in a while in clear words, he should either return with good intentions during the ‘iddah. And do not bother the wife;

keep her as your wife or let the period pass so that the marriage ends and the woman decide her own future.If someone divorces her for the third time, she cannot go back until she marries someone else.

When a woman is deprived of her rights. If the husband commits injustice, neither keeps him as a wife nor divorces him, then there is no way to save him from being crushed in the mill of oppression, it is the government and the judiciary established by him.

One of the main reasons for annulment of marriage can be that both the spouses are from different countries and cultures and cannot adjust to each other like a resident of India is associated with Muslim Matrimonial USA.

Marriage Annulment Period

So the oppressed woman knocks on the door of the court and send application for annulment of marriage. It is the duty of the court that after thorough investigation, if this injustice is proved and the husband not adopts the path of justice and does not divorce the woman.

Then the judge, ie the court, should immediately divorce or marriage annulment tn so that the oppression may end. This is Islam and this is justice.

Cases of Annulment of Marriage

Annulment of Customary Marriage:

  • If the husband is impotent, if the wife seeks his release through the court, the ruler (judge) will give her one year respite. If he is able to have intercourse in a year, then the marriage will continue
  • Otherwise, the court will terminate the marriage at the request of the woman. This is the fatwa of jurists from all over the world like Abu Hanifa and his companions Imam Shafi’i and his companions Imam Malik and his companions Imam Ahmad and his companions.
  • The fatwa of Imam Ibn Hammam is as follows: When the husband does not divorce, then he is a tyrant. Therefore, the judge should take the husband’s place in this matter and annul the marriage. Now the judge’s action will be attributed to the husband.
  • Allama Ibn Nujaim Hanafi says: If the husband’s penis is specially amputated, the court should immediately annul the marriage That is, the one whose instrument or testicles or both are cut off should not be given any respite and the court should terminate the marriage immediately. Those women’s rights are being violated. There is no benefit in respite. This order also includes the immortal whose tool is very small.

Marriage Annulment Lawyer

Islam does not allow anyone to oppress anyone and violate their rights. If the wife deprives the husband of marital rights. So the husband has the right to divorce. And there are other governing rights.

Which he can use to claim his rights. Otherwise, he can get rid of it by using the right of divorce. If the husband is unable to fulfill the rights of the wife and is not divorcing, then in the light of the above arguments, the woman has the right to have the marriage annulled by the court.

The woman will file a suit in the court and if she proves her claim, the court will get the marriage annulled.

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