How to repent in islam for Major sins

Lets see How to repent in islam for Major sins? Repentance is a great and blessed act in the sight of Allah That is, the servant wants to accept the service of Allah after being ashamed and repenting of all his sins, evils and disobedience.

Therefore, scholars have described different conditions of repentance in their own way; these conditions are such that after fulfilling them, the acceptance of repentance becomes certain.

In fact, repentance is that which is paid by the tongue and goes down to the depths of the heart and soul and creates a change in the rest of the servant’s life. When a person truly repents, all his slips, shortcomings and all his sins, whether minor or major, are erased. As if he had just been born from his mother’s womb as innocent as a newborn child.

How to repent in islam

If you want to do true repentance, then let us tell you about the conditions of repentance by following which a person can be eternally satisfied with the blessings of true repentance:

  • Regret and shame
  • Abandonment of sin and iniquity
  • A determination to persevere in repentance
  • Improving your situation
  • sincerity

Regret and shame

The first and basic condition of repentance is that a person feels deep remorse and shame for his bad ways and actions.  Repentance is actually the first step towards turning away from bad deeds. Signs of genuine repentance are softening of the heart and frequent shedding of tears

The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

” Repentance is the realization of one’s mistake “

If a person realizes his mistake with sincerity, then he reaches the destination of forgiveness in one step. When one commits a sin, realizing one’s mistake is also by the grace of Allah. When the heart connection of love with Allah is established, there is shame in disobeying Him. This shame and modesty leads the servant to the door of repentance.

Hazrat Syedna Umar Farooq (RA) said:

“Sit near those who repent, for their hearts are the softest (so that you will also be blessed with their company).

Abandonment of sin and iniquity

It is the first step in entering into the process of repentance that a person realizes his mistake and turns away from all kinds of sin. The feeling of shame and remorse for the bad deed gives rise to the desire to renounce the sin in the heart of the servant.

And the servant feels ashamed that, being one of the weakest and most despicable creations of Allah Almighty, he did not honor his servitude with Him and was guilty of violating His commandments.

Hazrat Dhul-Nun Misri said:

“Repenting without turning away from sin is the repentance of liars.”

Life is a field of action in which real success is not possible without righteous action and without renunciation of sin there is no concept of righteous action. True repentance will happen only when the sin is completely abandoned after repentance.

A determination to persevere in repentance

Man should make a firm promise to Allah that the disobediences, mistakes and sins he has committed will never enter his life in the future. Repenting only with the tongue is the action of the hypocrites.

Not having a firm intention to leave the sin and the head of the sin due to the human requirement after true repentance are two different things. Allah knows all the unseen. He knows who is true in his repentance and who is a liar

After true repentance, it is possible for a person to commit a sin due to human weakness, but if he asks for forgiveness seventy times after committing a sin, then the repentance will be accepted. But if someone repents for the purpose of deceiving people by presenting himself as righteous and then suffers from sins, then his case is different.

Improving your situation

As long as the penitent does not worry about correction, he does not repent. Tears in the eyes due to the shame of sins can also be worth it if as a result of this, all moral vices such as disobedience to Allah, immorality, cruelty and injustice, lust and lust are removed from the life of a person.

A person should be completely free from sins and become a figure of obedience and servitude. Repentance is not a trivial act. This is the place to become the beloved of Allah, as the Almighty Himself said:

“Surely Allah loves those who repent.”

True repentance is that which completely changes a person’s day and night, actions and circumstances


The greater the shame and remorse for the sin, the purer the repentance. As if sincerity in repentance is based on the truth of the servant’s own mind. Sincerity requires that the feeling of remorse never fades from the heart and the servant has a physical aversion to sin.

Merely reciting Istighfar with the tongue and the heart being oblivious to it or the regret of sin being hidden in the heart is not repentance.

One of the conditions of repentance is that a person devotes his life to Allah. His living, dying, meeting with the creation of God, standing up, sitting, walking, earning, spending and eating should all be for Allah.


Scholars have declared it necessary to do certain things for repentance. Some of the most important ones are:

  • The company of the disobedient should be avoided.
  • You should always keep your self accountable.
  • Do not take any sin lightly and stay away from useless activities.
  • Remind him of the sin he repented of in such a way that the feeling of that sin bothers him
  • Among the rights of the servants, if someone is wronged or wronged, he should first pay his rights, and if this is not possible, then he should seek forgiveness from him.

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