How to pray in Islam for women’s

Are you looking for How to pray in Islam for women’s? Nature has kept some characteristics equal in men and women and has kept some differences in others. Because Islam is the religion of nature.

That is why some of his rulings are equal and some are different. Where the difference is visible to everyone, every sane person thinks that a better situation could not have been possible.

How to pray in Islam for women’s

We have written the complete method of prayer for men and women with pictures, you must see it. How to pray in Islam step by step for beginners?

Here we tell you at what point in prayer a woman should separate her style from a man.

When a woman says Takbeer Tahrimah, it is more correct to raise her hands at shoulder level as this will cover more of her veil.

Likewise, when a woman is performing the prayer, she should sit on her left side and extend both feet to the right side so that her veil will remain in place.

In the same way, when a woman goes into prostration, she will not open her arms too much, but keep them closed and touch her stomach to her thighs, because this position is more veiled for her.

Difference between male and female prayer

Allama Shami has described in his book all the places of prayer in which the woman is against the man:

  • A woman should raise her hands at the level of her shoulders during Takbeer Tahrimah
  • Do not stick your hands out of your sleeves
  • Tie hands under the chest
  • Bowing less than a man in bowing
  • It will not knot the fingers nor spread the fingers more, but will keep them together
  • The hands will be placed on the knees
  • Will not bend in the knees
  • Knees will join in bowing and prostration
  • Spread the arms on the ground in prostration
  • Sitting with both feet out to the right during aatahiyat
  • A woman cannot lead a man in prayer
  • If something happens in the prayer, clapping will be done to tell the imam. Subhan Allah will not say
  • A woman will touch the tips of the fingers of the hands with the knees while sitting


These are some of the important issues in which the prayer of a woman and a man will be distinguished, besides the way of performing the prayer is the same for men and women. At the beginning of the article we have shared the link to perform the full prayer, you must check it, it will help you a lot.

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