How much is Fullstory about “world’s first ship”

Do you know how much is Fullstory about “world’s first ship” Do you know when and by whom the “world’s first ship” was built? If you don’t know, let us tell you.

It was thousands of years ago. It was the time of the Prophet of Allah, Sayidina Noah (peace be upon him). He (peace be upon him) was engaged in preaching the religion to his people and trying to guide them to the straight path. He preached for 950 years, but no one believed except 80 people.

When you despaired of the faith of your people, Allah informed your people of a storm and ordered you to prepare a boat.

How much is Fullstory

There were 200 years left for the storm to come and you needed wood to build a boat, so you planted some teak trees to get wood, which has very strong wood, these trees matured in 100 years. After that he started the work of building the “world’s first ship” together with the believers.

During this time, the bad people of your nation used to persecute you in various ways and used to say insulting things. But you continued to work patiently and without paying attention to what these people said, you continued to prepare the boat.

World’s first ship information

Do you know how long this “world’s first ship” was developed? Maybe you say one year or two years. But believe me! This boat was developed in more or less 100 years. You might be wondering why it took so long to build a boat. You will get the answer when we tell you about the features of this boat.

Hazrat Noah boat story

Let us tell you briefly about the first boat built in the world:

  • This boat was 300 yards long, 50 yards wide and 300 yards high.
  • The front part of the boat was like a chicken’s head and the back part was like a chicken’s tail, while the bottom part was like a bird’s stomach.
  • The boat was coated with tar (i.e. asphalt).
  • The boat had three doors which were fastened with iron nails.
  • 3 floors were built in the boat.
  • The lowest floor was for beasts, birds and insects.
  • The middle floor was for cattle etc. and other animals.
  • While the top one was for humans

Hazrat Noah boat story

You have read that how magnificent and unique this ship was, but the storm that was about to come was also many times more dangerous and terrifying. Will come out, The sign of the coming of this storm was that water would boil and come out of the oven of Hazrat Noah’s house.

So one day, when Hazrat Noah saw the oven boiling, he ordered the birds, animals and believers to board the boat and they all boarded the boat.

The intensity of the storm started to increase, it started raining so hard that the ground cracked in many places and water started coming out of it too.

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After How many days did Noah’s ark stop?

For forty days it continued to rain, until the tops of forty 40-yard high mountains were submerged in water, leaving no one alive except those in the boat.

This ship continued to travel continuously for about 150 days, during this time, when this ship reached Arab Sharif, it also made seven rounds around the Kaaba, finally the storm subsided and on the 10th of Muharram, that is, on the day of Ashura, this ship reached Iraq. The “Judi” in reached the mountain and stayed. Below is the image of what is known to be the traces of Noah’s ark

After How many days did Noah's ark stop

And then everyone fasted that day as thanksgiving, thus the journey of the “world’s first boat” came to an end. You will have got complete information from this short article, you must give your opinion by commenting.

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