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If you are looking for the Free Quran Quotes then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn about QURAN QUOTE, its meaning and characteristics.

Once you are familiar with the meaning of a QURAN QUOTE, you can use it, through the revelation of Muhammad and the revelation of the Qur’an, he brought humanity to progress and the Qur’an al-Hakim has been declared as the constitution of humanity and the law of nature till the Day of Resurrection.

We have tried to present such sayings from the Quran which are useful in people’s daily life. The beautiful Quran quotes that remind us to act in our own best interest are often attributed to sages such as Abu Dawood.

This Quran quotes is a favorite among Muslims, and is often quoted. Whether one does a deed small or large, this Quran quotes will surely lift their spirits and provide them with hope.

Quran Quotes From Surah Al-Baqarah

Quran Quotes Al-Baqarah

  • Allah is, of course, Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful. (Ayat 199)

The Quran speaks about God’s love for beauty. It describes God as beautiful and He is the One who loves beauty. Here is a brief discussion of beauty in the Quran – both material and spiritual.

You may find one or the other appealing. Irrespective of which one you choose, it is important to seek beauty from God. After all, he is the one who created everything – and we should strive to follow His example.

Free Quran Quotes Al-Baqarah

  • So keep away from women during menstruation (Ayat 222)

We must look at the nature of marriage. the Qur’an describes marriage as a union of two people, and it defines it as an obligation between husband and wife.

In other words, the Qur’an teaches that marriage is a relationship of love and cooperation between a husband and wife.

Quran quotes Al-Baqarah

  • There is no compulsion in Din (Religion). (Ayat 256)

The word “Islam” means “peace” in Arabic. As a result, Islam promotes a peaceful life. People are called to live according to moral standards and to serve God.

The religion also promotes sincerity before God and personal conscientious contentment. In this way, all human beings can enjoy peace and harmony.  Everyone must exercise freedom of religion.

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Quranic Quotes From Surah Āl ‘Imrān

Quranic quotes Āl ‘Imrān

  • Allah loves those who are benevolent. (‏Ayat 134)

Be beautiful in all ways. This is a reminder from God. He created all things to be beautiful. If we do even the smallest act of kindness, our deeds will be seen by Allah. We can be grateful for these things and live our lives accordingly. Gratitude, however, can only bring about change in our lives.

According to the Quran, God has created everything in a way that it fulfills His purpose. Consequently, God has adorned everything in the world with purpose and proportion. All of this beauty reflects the divine wisdom. It is man’s failure to recognize this truth and thus render things ugly, harmful, or repulsive.

The prophet Muhammad stated: “Allah is beautiful. Allah loves beauty.” His creation is beautiful because everything has been created to the heavenly standard of order and splendor. The Sufi philosopher Ibn al-‘Arabi exemplified this philosophy in his essay “Ontology: God Created Everything Beautiful.”

Quran Quotes From Surah Al-Nisā

Quran quotes Al-Nisā

  • And deliver to the orphans their belongings;(Ayat 2)

Quran quotes Al-Nisā

According to the Quran, Muslims have the duty to treat everyone justly and kindly, and to protect the weak and innocent. It is also important to know that Islam encourages freedom of religion.

Islam promotes freedom of religion because it acknowledges that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Quotes from Quran Surah Al-Māidah

Quotes from Quran Al-Māidah

  • Allah loves those who do justice. (Ayat 42)

Koran Quotes From Surah Al-A‘rāf

Koran quotes Al-A‘rāf

  • He does not like the extravagant. (Ayat 31)

This verse is a powerful reminder for us all to pay attention to the context of the Quran and the Sunnah. Those who are wasteful, foolish, and ungrateful are brothers of the devils, who have always been ungrateful toward Allah.

The Prophet Muhammad once said, “Avoid pride and extravagance. They will be destroyed.”

Inspiring Quran Quotes From Surah Al-Tawbah

Inspiring positive Quran quotes Al-Tawbah

Islam Quote From Surah Al-Naḥl

Islam quote Al-Naḥl

Many religions place a high emphasis on being grateful. Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism all stress the importance of being grateful. The five daily prayers of Islam are not meant to ask for anything, but rather to express gratitude to Allah.

The role of gratitude is unique to each of these religions. Philosophers from ancient times have studied the benefits of gratitude and the benefits it brings to individuals.

Beautiful Quotes from the Quran Al-’Isrā

Beautiful quotes from the Quran Al-’Isrā

Quran Quote From Surah Al-Nūr

Qur an quote Al-Nūr

Quran Quote From Surah Al-Furqān

Quran quote Al-Furqān

An attitude of gratitude can help one sleep better and reduce insomnia. By practicing gratitude before bed, a person can fall asleep with a positive outlook. A person can also improve their concentration by focusing on what they are grateful for.

By viewing challenges and tasks from a positive perspective, people are more likely to feel satisfied in life. This feeling of satisfaction empowers people to achieve their goals. These benefits are reflected in a person’s ability to cope with problems, and they experience less stress and more emotional resilience.

People who are grateful have higher levels of optimism and life satisfaction. Research shows that gratitude leads to an increase in energy levels and increases the likelihood of participating in physical activities. This can be good news for people who want to improve their lives. And these findings are not the only benefits of gratitude. It is important to recognize how grateful you are in your daily life and to give thanks whenever you get a chance.

Quran Quotes From Surah Al-Aḥzāb

Quran quotes Al-Aḥzāb

This beautiful Quran quote reflects the importance of repentance and forgiveness in Islam. If you are caught in a rut, repent of past sins and commit good deeds. Eventually, you’ll see it in Allah’s eyes. Even the smallest deed will be seen by Him. Therefore, the reward for a good deed is the same as

Those who do an atom’ s worth of good will see it in the Hereafter. This Prophet’s admonition is also an important part of one’s faith and morality.

If one has even a small amount of faith, they will be saved from Hell. The Prophet said that every person who has an atom’s worth of faith will be brought out of Hell. If one has a small amount of faith, he will see it in the afterlife.

Quran Quotes From Surah Al-‘Ankabūt

Quran Quotes Al-Nisā

  • Do not do mischief in the land.’ (Ayat 36)

Quran Quotes From Surah Al-Shūrā

Quran quotes Al-Shūrā

  • Their decisions are made through mutual consultations (Ayat 38)

Quran Quotes From Surah Al-Ḥujurāt

Quran Quotes Al-Nisā

  • Believers! Let no community ridicule another community. (Ayat 11)

 Quran Quotes From Surah Al-Muddaththir

Quran Quotes Al-Nisā

  • Nor did we feed the poor.‏ (Ayat 44)

The religion of Islam encourages its followers to practice kindness as a way to attain tranquility and peace. Islam has a long list of recommended actions, and kindness is one of them. Throughout the Quran, Muslims learn what it means to be kind and what it takes to be a kind person.

The teachings of Prophet Muhammad are also an excellent source of lessons on kindness. Listed below are some beautiful Quran quotes on choosing kindness over everything.

When reading the Quran, it is important to understand the historical context of a verse. Early Tafsir are considered the most reliable sources for the history of Islam.

Another important consideration is where the Quran was revealed. Meccan verses tend to emphasize iman – belief in Allah, Muhammad, and the day of judgment – while Medinan verses are centered on the constitution and social obligations of a state.

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