Dua for starting Fast & opening in Ramadan

Are you looking for Dua for starting Fast in Ramadan” Ramadan, Qur’an, man and Muslim, these four words are closely related to each other. The holy month of Ramadan informs us that the Qur’an was revealed in its blessed hours.

The Qur’an tells us that man has been made the noblest of creatures in this universe, but the question is, is every human being the noblest of creatures in practical life? If not, then how can man be the noblest of creatures? If man wants to crown himself as the noblest of creatures, then he must keep in mind that man’s honor is in obedience to Allah.

The man who bowed down before his Lord, became obedient to him, obeyed the Lord in life, the purpose of which all his existence, words and deeds came under the command of Allah, such a person deserves the honor of the noble creatures according to the Qur’an And literally entered the realm of Islam.

Ramadan and Muslims

The month of Ramadan gives a Muslim a special kind of atmosphere and spiritual state to achieve the honor of the noblest of creatures, which makes his journey to this destination easier. When the blessed month of Ramadan comes in the life of a Muslim, what should this Muslim do in his life?

At what level to establish your opinion To set one’s actions on a standard .What is to be manifested from one’s existence and what is not? If we want to make ourselves an ideal human being and a Muslim, we need to be guided by Islamic teachings and the biography of the Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH).

Dua for starting fast

For every deed, the intention is made first and the reward is given according to the same intention, the same intention is made in fasting and along with the intention some words are recited which are recited while fasting.

In this way the intention is made from the tongue and the heart So let’s read the prayer for fasting:   

Dua for Keeping Fast in english

Obligation of fasting

The purpose of the obligation of fasting has been stated as “attaining piety”. if fasting does not acquaint a person with piety, and in his practical life does not make him willing to follow the commands of Allah, the Lord of Glory, and to abstain from forbidden things, that fast will be meaningless and pointless.

30/29 days is not more. Therefore, when Ramadan comes into our lives, we have to know the good from our Lord. These fasts must be observed with a spirit of gratitude, and the severity of the seasons and the desires of the flesh must be prevented from getting in the way.

Don’t let the hardships of the situation take us away from the process of fasting. Even small health problems should not make us resist fasting. In all cases fasting is better for us and in the process it is better for us.

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Dua to open fast

Just as du’aa ‘is recited while start fasting. Du’aa’ is recited at the time of opening the fast.

Dua to open fast

The purpose of fasting

It is obligatory for the fasting person to abstain from food, drink and all kinds of desires. This is the process of fasting but in order to complete this fast, some etiquette has to be observed while fasting. Because if a person lies and does bad deeds even after fasting, then Allah Almighty does not need him to be hungry and thirsty.

The purpose of every act of worship in Islam is to give man a character in the form of piety. Fasting should be for all organs. The tongue should be free from insults and obscene language, should not insult anyone, should not express hatred and contempt, should not hurt anyone’s feelings and should not hurt anyone in any way.

Allah does not require such fasts to be observed in violation of the commands of Him and His Messenger (peace be upon him). Therefore, just as every deed has its own rules and regulations for its payment, so following the above-mentioned rules of fasting is what makes fasting acceptable to Allah.

Fasting is a shield

The shield of fasting and the fortress for protection from hell is formed when the act of fasting is performed with all its outward and inward manners. A complete act of obedience is seen in fasting and no tendency of disobedience and disobedience is seen in it at any time. Such a fast becomes complete purity as well as complete obedience

If the fasting person protects himself from these evils, then this whole process of his becomes a shield. As the shield in the battlefield is in the hands of Ghazi, so fasting will become his shield as an example.

In the state of fasting, backbiting, lying, obscenity is not permissible in any way, because it causes disgust in fasting. The purpose of fasting is not only to keep the fasting person hungry and thirsty but also to avoid worldly pleasures and evil deeds such as lying, obscenity and backbiting.

What age is necessary for fasting?

If a boy who is 12 years old and a girl who claims to be 9 years old claim that I am an adult or if there is any sign of puberty, that is, if the boy has ihtalam and the girl has menstruation, then fasting is obligatory on her. If no sign of puberty is found for 15 years, then after 15 years of lunar reckoning, the boy or girl will be considered an adult and they will be obliged to fast, pray and other rules.

Physically, the effects of fasting vary from person to person. For example, one person works in an air-conditioned office and the other person works hard in the scorching heat and scorching sun.

The condition of the human body will be different depending on the nature of their work. Accordingly, the fasting person will be rewarded according to his patience and endurance and according to the conditions of divine pleasure.

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