Best Duas For Ramadan Days in English

Lets see Duas For Ramadan Days in English with Complete Information” Hazrat Abo Horaira says that the Holy Prophet (sws) said: “In the month of Ramadan, Paradise is fully revealed and Hell is closed, and in Ramadan, the Shetan are bound in chains.

Satan is the eternal enemy of man, he is not only himself but with the help of his army and followers he is trying to distract every human being in the world from the true religion. But Ramadan is so blessed that Satan is bound in this blessed month.

The entrapment of the devils in Ramadan means that the devils refrain from misleading the people and the believers do not accept their whispers. It is a common observation that in Ramadan, sins are less and worship is more than on ordinary days.

One of the signs of the devil’s entanglement is that most of the people who fall into sin turn away from sin and turn to Allah in repentance.

Earlier they did not establish prayers, now they start reciting, in the same way they start participating in recitation and remembrance ceremonies of Quran, although they did not do so before. The sins that used to be committed in the past are now being avoided.

Ramadan First 10 Days Dua

In the month of Ramadan, some special dua’s are also frequently recited, the recitation of which certainly brings blessings in Ramadan.

Let us remember the du’aa ‘recited in the first 10 days of Ramadan.

Rabbighfir Warham Wa Anta Khair-Ur-Raahimeen

Ramadan First 10 Days Dua

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Do Not Fast In Case Of Illness

If the patient does not have the strength to fast and the fast is harmful to health, there is a risk of weakness and disease progression, and there is difficulty in fasting, then such a person is disabled, he is not allowed to fast.

The Qur’an says: That is, if the patient and the traveler cannot fast, they will make up the fast at any time after Ramadan. The more you do not fast, the more you will make up. If the patient is in such a condition that he will not be able to perform qadha later due to illness, there is no hope of recovery of the disease, then such person will only pay the ransom.

It is as if it is permissible to pay a ransom for those who are very old and suffering from such ailments and do not expect to fast after recovering. It is better to pay the ransom in Ramadan, if it is not paid in Ramadan then it can be paid later A sick person who hopes to recover will not pay the ransom, but will make up the missed Ramadan fasts that he missed during his illness.

Keep in mind that it is obligatory on every Muslim who is sane, mature and healthy to fast. Fasting someone else will not fulfill his duty. It is not correct to make up the fast of Ramadan due to a minor illness and to think that they will make up the missed days again or to pay a ransom and assume that the right to fast has been paid. Abandon the fast of Ramadan only if you are not really able to fast.

Astaghfirullah Dua Second10 Days

We have just learned some important information about fasting. Let us now recall the prayer that is recited in the second ten days of Ramadan. And the blessings of Ramadan are obtained Astaghfirullah

Astaghfirullah Dua Second10 Days

Do Not Fast In Ramadan

Ramadan is the month in which the special blessings of Allah, the Exalted, are revealed. Prayers are honorably accepted. In addition, worldly and spiritual bounties are also part of Allah’s mercy which man gets only because of fasting. A person is a sinner who breaks his fast without any shar’i leave or illness and is deprived of His mercy.

A person who deliberately does not fast in Ramadan. If he continues to fast for the rest of his life after Ramadan, he cannot replace this Ramadan fast.

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Make Up The Fast

Do you know which person’s fast is broken? If the fast is broken, he has to keep it again. We will explain why the fast will be broken:

  • Someone forcibly put something in the fasting person’s mouth and it came out of his throat.
  • I remembered fasting, but while rinsing, water came down my throat unintentionally.
  • If vomiting occurs and intentionally returns to the throat or intentionally vomits, then the fast will be broken and qadha will be obligatory, provided that in both cases the fasting person remembers his fast. If the fast is not remembered then the fast will not be broken in all these cases.
  • Deliberately ate a piece of rock or clay or a piece of paper.
  • The thing left in the teeth is taken out of the tongue and swallowed while it is equal to or more than a gram, and if it is taken out of the mouth and swallowed again, even if it is less or more than gram, the fast will be broken.
  • Swallowing the blood that comes out of the teeth while the blood prevails over the saliva, then the fast is broken. And if the blood is less than the amount of saliva, the fast will not be broken.
  • After eating and drinking by mistake, understand that the fast has been broken and then eat intentionally.
  • Someone’s eyes opened late and realizing that it was still time for Sehri, they ate and drank something and then found out that it was morning.
  • Considering that the sun had set due to clouds or haze, he broke his fast even though the day was still left.

Dua For Laylatul Qadr Third 10 Days

Let us now remember the prayers of the last ten days of Ramadan so that we may be saved from our sins.

Dua For Laylatul Qadr Third 10 Days

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